Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pressure mounts for Sanford to resign

Look after you have lied telling your state and staff that you were "hiking in the Appalachian Mountains"; then got cold busted getting off an international flight from Argentina; then have a press conference that will go down in history as the most "political theatrics" ever; then state you are in love with your mistress; then to have those damaging emails disclosed for all to read, including your wife; then have your wife, Jenny Sanford actually BOUNCE from the residence; then find out you have been spent thousands of tax player dollars inappropriately WHILE acting like Mr. Scrooge towards your own constituents of your state, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

Impeachment rumors are hot and heavy....

Rep. Nathan Ballentine — a Sanford ally in the legislature — and Rep. Gerry Simrill met with Sanford in the South Carolina state House for about 40 minutes and warned him that unless he steps down, House Republicans are likely to impeach him.

“Barring some swing of momentum in his favor, I told him the writing is on the wall,” Ballentine told CNN. “I thought there could be a change in scenery and he could put an end to it all, but if he doesn’t, members of the House will take things into their hands.”

House Republicans are meeting this weekend in Myrtle Beach for their annual caucus retreat, and the impeachment matter is likely to dominate the agenda, according to those planning to attend.

Sanford has come under a new round of scrutiny after investigations into his travel expenses revealed that he spent thousands of dollars on business and first class airline tickets for overseas flights, and used state aircraft for personal and political travel. Those probes were prompted by Sanford’s disclosure in June that he had an affair with an Argentine woman.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee told CNN there are enough votes on the committee to send an impeachment motion to the floor of the House when the legislative session begins in January.

The man needs to let it go and get his life back....

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