Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Campaign of Misinformation is resonating with the public (Video)

The polls that are continuing to come out is showing that the GOP operatives and the Republican congress are scoring points on the health care debate front. Or in other words they are continuing the "SPINNING LIE MACHINE." The continuous misinformation out there is resonating with the general public. Sure, many of us who follow politics know this is just a bunch of right winged rhetoric bullshit and keep walking, but we are a minority that follow politics, not the majority. The majority is the drive by voter who hears clips on the 30 second teevee beat. Lines are drawn in the sand and I agree with Ed Schultz, it may be the independent voter that makes the final call on the public option. It will be up to President Obama to do a major prime time event and let the public also know, where he stands. Lastly, it is just astonishing to me that a Democratic cause, as health care reform, that we have been fighting for since Harry Truman is twisted and turned into everything else but what it is. That is the Democratic Party's fault for lack of messaging, it is not too late, but the Hail Mary pass to close this, better be STRONG. From the Ed Schultz Show....

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