Friday, August 28, 2009

Senate Leader Harry Reid, "..bill must contain a public option..." (Update)

Well, it is about time that Reid drew his line in the sand. And I love this pay line quote:

Reid opened a private meeting of health care providers in Las Vegas on Tuesday by saying, according to one attendee who took notes: “We have a problem in America and it’s called the private insurance industry.”

Can I get a witness? An AMEN? for real.

There has been serious hand wringing about this health care insurance reform, or whatever it is called now, and it has been warranted. When you do not have the White House along with the Democratic Party in lock step, in tandem motion people get concerned where this is going.
“We’re energized and we’re also confident that Sen. Reid is on the right side on this issue,” said Michael Ginsburg, a community organizer at the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, who attended the meeting. “That’s something we can take to our supporters and reassure them.”

Reid has been traveling throughout the state talking to constituents about health care and other issues while Congress is on summer recess.

Now, if the Blue Dogs will just get in line. Stay tuned.


Well, it is this miscommunication that have the Democrats in bad polling numbers, just read this and then wonder why Obama and the Democrats polling numbers are tanking. Until we get one cohesive message, it will continues as it is, disarray.

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