Friday, June 19, 2009

There is heavy concern trolling about health care on morning joe

First, morning joke has its resident bigot and racist on Pat Buchanan, who is lock step in his trolling with morning joke of bashing any health care plan.

Remember folks, Joe Scarborough is a sheep in wolves clothing. For anyone to believe or even think that he cares about health care, think again. He is a right winged conservative, who's only there to drive any plan of the Obama Administration off course. He is designed to be a reasonable Republican, one that many moderates or independents will listen too. Finally, he is supposed to be our friend.

I hope you got all that.

Below is the resident idiot at FOX who has been called out so much for inaccuracies that I can not keep up.

Let me state something that is clear as day, this is another playbook that the Republicans and their 24/7 hate machine are promoting, "Obamacare". Sounds familiar? Remember, Hillary Clinton who was pushing for health care reform in the early 90s and it got torpedoed? It was Hillarycare.

The reason I am on this is because of the CBO report that morning joke keeps pounding and wanting to scare not only us, but those that have to take the vote, congress.

People frequently refer to the goal of health-care reform as "comprehensive reform." But this is what I'd term "comprehensive incrementalism." It makes everything a bit better. It is not radical. It is not root-and-branch reform. For all the concerns about cost, there is no strong public plan able to negotiate low rates and implement aggressive reforms. The health insurance exchanges are a step forward, but they're state-based, and there's even room for multiple competing exchanges in a single state. They could be made substantially stronger. Revenue sources are not discussed in this draft, but it's clear that the employer tax exclusion -- which is to say, the employer-based system -- is preserved, and there's even an attempt to "grandfather" existing insurance arrangements from the individual market.

Let me reiterate, a strong congress must take the vote. One thing morning joke was right about, it is those in DC that must have the will and they are shrinking like dead tulips here.

The price tag is being pounded in the press. The scare tactics are being pumped heavy. It is up to Obama to go out there and for these DEMOCRATS in DC to stand with him, explain what is needed and not only SELL it but for these SENATORS to get the votes needed to pass this legislation, period.

There is much that ALL OF US CAN DO. If you are one of the millions having health care issues, you can not afford to sit on the sidelines and your voice not be heard. Contact your senator today and demand a public option for the health care bill.

Another thing, morning joke don't like unions. He bashed Obama for not going to the mayor's conference in Oklahoma City, which his administration cancelled not to cross a picket line. And of course, the Republican mayor was on television in lock step with morning joke and his resident racist sidekick, Pat Buchanan. morning joke dropped another "Democratic senator told me" line, but of course, he could not provide any NAMES, just innuendos, as usual.

Wake up folks, we won in November but we did not win for what is unfolding in Washington, DC.

Finally, the CNBC nutjob whose ass was served on a platter by Jon Stewart said, "...everyone just wishes Obama would kind of go away..."

Contact your senators here.

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