Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fox News is whining about the town hall meeting on ABC next week about health care, but....

selective memory can be a bitch.

Case and point.

Fox did the very same THING for George W. Bush when he was in office. Fox also let John McCain have a televised town hall meeting during the 2008 campaign and McCain hand picked his audience.

The town hall meeting with President Obama is on ABC next week, with ABC randomly selecting the participants.

But Fox News again, got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. From Jed over @ Daily Kos.

As Think Progress noted, despite Fox's whining about ABC's upcoming special on health care reform which will include a town hall conducted in the White House, it turns out that when George W. Bush was President, Fox did exactly what they are accusing ABC of.


Update, 1:10PM: And don't forget, as Al Rodgers commented, Fox televised a McCain Town Hall last June -- in which McCain handpicked the audience. They are the GOP Network indeed. That's long as they are treated like any other opinion or advocacy group. --Jed

But we are not finished. Jake Tapper from ABC News asked Karl Rove this from his twitter account:
@karlrove what's your response to this? interested in your thoughts - thanks...

And here is the video:

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