Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Damn!!!! For Health Care Harry Reid says: "Bipartisanship takes back seat"

About damn time.

I know, Obama and the "we must all try to get along" mantra. It is good and he has scored politcal points, but when you have the MAJORITY of this country that is for some kind of public option, like the members of congress get and we pay for it, time to roll up the sleeves and GET THE VOTES to make it happen. Even if it is reconciliation on the Republicans, straight 51 votes.

Health care is that vitally important.

And what made Reid change his tune? It is called the will of the people and poll numbers.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he'll ditch bipartisanship in the Senate if it means getting a health care reform bill.

“As important as bipartisanship is – and it is very important – it’s not as important as helping the millions of Americans that have no health insurance.”
Reid stressed that Democrats have invited Republicans to the negotiating table, and he said that Democrats still wanted to achieve a bipartisan bill.

But Reid also stressed that the costs of not addressing health care this year were simply too high and that Democrats were ready to move a bill without Republican support. “The cost of inaction is really unacceptable,” Reid told reporters. “I repeat: 'Nothing' is not an option. We must pass health care reform and do it this year.” read it all here....

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