Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes, Fox News the station that loves to talk about Democrats dirty laundry when caught, has been caught giving John Ensign heads up about a letter his former staffer sent to Megyn Kelly @ Fox News. The letter was written by Doug Hampton, the husband of Cynthia L. Hampton, Senator John Ensign's former lover.

Both Doug and Cynthia Hampton were employed by Ensign.

From Daily Kos:

A week before John Ensign's admission that he'd carried on an affair with a former political aide, her husband wrote a letter to Fox anchor Megyn Kelly detailing the affair and appealing to Kelly and Fox for help.

The husband, Doug Hampton, told Kelly that Ensign's actions had ruined his family. "I am hoping you and Fox News can help," he wrote.

Full Text of Hampton's letter to Fox here.

Fox News deliberately withheld this information, but did give Ensign a heads up so he could come clean. Also, remember Ensign insinuated that he was being blackmailed by Hampton? He has totally walked that back.

From the Washington Post:
Fox News passed up allegations that Sen. John Ensign had an extramarital affair with his former campaign treasurer, even after receiving a letter from the woman's husband detailing the relationship.

After the Nevada Republican acknowledged the affair Tuesday, a Fox producer failed to tell his bosses that he had the letter from Douglas D. Hampton, also a former top aide to the senator, and Fox never reported it. The Las Vegas Sun disclosed the letter's contents today.

"Sometimes a ball gets by," said Tom Lowell, senior producer of Fox's "American Newsroom." "This one got by." It was, he said, "my mistake."

Hampton had written to the program's co-anchor, Megyn Kelly, saying he was not giving the information to any other news outlet. Lowell said his primary concern was protecting Kelly, who "has any number of people who have stalked her."

Hampton's wife, Cynthia L. Hampton, has confirmed the affair through her attorney, but key questions about the couple's compensation from Ensign's office and campaign and other details remain unanswered. Ensign apologized for his conduct and relinquished his Senate GOP leadership post, and his office had no comment today.

Fox says it never received the letter that Douglas Hampton says he mailed to Kelly, but it was later attached to an e-mail that the network received at 12:21 p.m. Monday. read more here....

To add insult to injury, interns in Ensign's office are looking for other jobs.
"Interns for embattled Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) are apparently jumping ship in the wake of his acknowledgment that he had an affair with a former staffer. In an e-mail sent to intern coordinators in Senate offices on Thursday afternoon, Ensign’s coordinator Jessica Walton said she is looking to place an unspecified number of the Nevada Republican’s interns in other offices."

This is opening up to be more than just an affair, but having both Hamptons on the payroll is bringing heavy questioning about federal dollars being spent on Ensign's dalliance. Sigh.

Lastly, Fox had no credibility. They purposely not only leaked to Ensign, but was the last news organization to report this. If this is not bias, what else is it. No wonder the Obama Adminstration has little to do with Fox News. To call themselves fair and balanced is a JOKE.

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