Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gates: U.S. ready to defend Hawaii

The Little Napoleon's threats continues....

Reacting to reports that North Korea may be preparing to test-fire a missile toward Hawaii, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today that he had concerns about such a launch and had ordered additional missile defense assets deployed to shore up defense of the islands.

Gates said he had ordered the deployment of a powerful sea-based radar that can help closely track the path of intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as terminal phase missile interceptors to Hawaii. Although Gates did not explicitly say that the U.S. would try to shoot down a missile test aimed in the direction of Hawaii, he noted that interceptor missiles in California and Alaska also were ready.

"The ground-based interceptors are clearly in a position to take action," Gates said. "So without telegraphing what we will do, I would just say, we are -- I think we are in a good position, should it become necessary to protect American territory."

Gates said the Defense Department was watching the North Korean situation and missile preparations closely.

"We're obviously watching the situation in the north, with respect to missile launches, very closely,'' Gates said. "And we do have some concerns, if they were to launch a missile to the west, in the direction of Hawaii.'' read more here.....

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