Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pat Buchanan, a relic from the throwback era

I was getting coffee this morning and of course, my husband had on morning joe or morning joke, as I call it. Anyway, here comes the sour puss face of Pat Buchanan. But there was one thing different here, he really looked sour and upset, as in defeated.

Buchanan showed his age by the old "affirmative action" argument. A racist argument from the 60s, 70s. This was used against African-Americans ALL THE TIME. Now that the Hispanics are the fastest growing group, I guess this old argument must be dusted off and used, AGAIN.

The truth is he and many who THINK like him are defeated.

The plight of the "white male" as the end all and be all of everything has been over, Buchanan has just realized this as the train has left.

Yesterday, I watched Hardball, Buchanan looked like he was about to have a heart attack in regards to Sonia Sotomayer. In fact, Buchanan was so livid that he said, ".....the Republicans better stand for something...." in regards to going after Sotomayor.

The fact is that most Republicans, especially D.C. Republicans are showing much restraint. Sure you have the bottom feeders that will always be there to be "shock jocks" or the wingnuts in talk radio land, but in the end these folks are not up for re-election, nor are they helping their own cause by bringing more to the Republican fold. The heads up on this was the John McCain statement for Sotomayor:

"I congratulate Judge Sonia Sotomayer on her nomination by the President to be an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court," read a statement from his office. "I look forward to examining her record thoroughly during the Senate confirmation process."

McCain smells the tealeaves. McCain is up for re-election in 2012 and Arizona has a heavy Hispanic voting block, don't expect him to ruffle any feathers in regards to Sotomayer. In fact, if McCain was not the Republican Presidential Candidate from Arizona in 2008, Obama would have won Arizona, EASILY. McCain only won his home state by 53% of the vote and expect Arizona to lean blue for 2012, if all holds well for Obama.

Buchanan is from a very dying legacy. The legacy of the "angry, bitter, white male". These are the same men who run the Republican Party and are staunchly refusing that word called, "change". This is the party that is embracing the likes of Rush Limbaugh who has angered every ethnic group except the "angry, bitter, white male."

We must thank the political mastery of the Obama White House. They have made the argument and sold it to the public that what the Republican Party is about is what we hear and see daily: the Rush Limbaughs, Dick Cheneys, Hannitys, Glenn Becks, Newt Gingrichs, Joe Scarboroughs, Bill O'Reillys, Pat Buchanans, with the comic relief and exception of their token clown, Michael Steele. These are the faces of the Republican Party. One that includes no one but "angry, bitter, white males". This is a turn off to everyone else that is not in that group, including women. Their continued hate on anyone not like them have turned the American Public, off. These are the political analysts that have the pulse on the American Public and have been wrong at every turn.

As long as we have the fat cat, King of Talk Radio, Rush Limbaugh calling Judge Sonia Sotomayor a racist and President Obama a reverse racist, the Republican Party will never get the Hispanic vote for decades to come. And, they will NOT get the African-American vote EVER. WORD on that one.

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