Saturday, May 30, 2009

Joe Sestak: The machine is coming after you for running against Arlen Specter.

Not an Ed Rendell fan. If you don't know, he is Governor of Pennsylvania. Straight up old school, runs it like the Chicago style politics, machine style politics. We already know the White House wants Sestak to re-consider running against Specter.


Because he, Specter, was promised an easy primary. The one major reason why Specter switched to the Democratic Party is because he read the tealeaves in the Republican waters. He was going to lose the Republican Primary, he even stated this fact. Period. So, he jumped ship and his friend, Vice President Biden, helped him up on the Democratic boat.

I am not a Specter fan, but he is in the Democratic Party. Stating this, Specter should not expect a free ride to victory, I don't care what was promised him. Sure, plenty politics being played here, but even Obama will admit that you must work for the nomination and that it should not be GIVEN TO ONE. Even Obama gets that message.

Joe Sestak has every right to run. He has over 3M in the bank and there are many out there who are willing to listen to what he has to say. His background is impeccable, he is a former Navy Admiral and don't think the military will not come to his aid, they will. Furthermore, the unions in Pennsylvania are tired of the wishy-washy ways of Specter, they are talking to Sestak.

No nomination is in the bag. If that is so we would be talking about President Hillary Clinton. If Sestak believes he has a chance, go for it. Arlen Specter get ready, the fight is on.

Final point. Expect President Obama to stump for Specter, it was their agreement, just as Specter must deliver his votes on Obama's agenda in the senate. It is strictly politics.

From the Ed Show:

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