Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The GOP is starting to show that ignorant ass

Only in America.

I stated that it will be difficult to oppose this nomination. First, former President George H.W. Bush appointed her to the federal bench, secondly, former President Bill Clinton picked her for her appellate appointment. I felt, that would be tough enough alone for the GOP.

Now, every judge makes statements and Sotomayor is no different from any other judge that is currently sitting on the Supreme Court, but the GOP needs to walk with caution on this nomination.

The last two cycles, especially 2008 was devastating for the Republican Party. They lost the Hispanic vote, primarily to their divisive and nasty talk from their own party members and of course, from those glorious right wing talk nuts on the radio.

So, here we are and the asshattery of the Republican Party is starting to show:

Michael Goldfarb writes, "[O]n the issue of diversity, Obama seems to have the views of a 21-year-old Hispanic girl -- that is, only by having a black president, an Hispanic justice, a female secretary of State, and Bozo the Clown as vice president will the United States become a true 'vanguard of societal ideas and changes.'"

Well, what more can be said with those brilliant words written!!!

And then the bent of the media, from John King of CNN with this sextist statement, h/t JJP:


“Some are saying that she is not an intellectual firebrand, someone who could compete with Antonin Scalia or Justice Alito, the conservative brains, if you will, on the Supreme Court.”

Can I type, "rolleyes" time?

To the Republicans, "Keep it up!!!!" You are not only alienating a BASE you lost and NEED for the future, but by going down this road you will continue to maintain in the wilderness for decades to come!! This country is diverse, made of all types of colors, ethnic backgrounds, religion and your continued ignorance of this will just make many discount your party as the one of "rich, old white men".

And as I watch MSNBC, the conservative bent are already calling Judge Sotomayor, "....not smart enough...." with of course, "anonymous sources." Keep it up Republicans, this is a dangerous road you are traveling down.

Video and Transcript of President Obama nominating Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court

h/t sluggahjells

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