Saturday, May 30, 2009

Disgust of the GOP: Tancredo, Liddy (Video and Audio)

Talk about over the top!!

The type of hate spew that has come out of some GOP talking bots mouths has been unreal. But nothing has been over the top like former Congressman Tom Tancredo and the former indicted convict, G. Gordy Liddy. Talk about turning women away from the Republican Party.

First, Tancredo. Tancredo has been all over television showing his real colors. Questioning if Obama hates white people. Remember, Obama is HALF WHITE. What an utter ridiculous question.

Then the racist, sextist G. Gordon Liddy. Talking about Sotomayor's temperament on her menstrual cycle? What kind of sick shit is that? And she talks, "illegal alien"? Does the Republican Party need the Latino vote? Obviously not.

Lastly, does this man look like he is an authority on women's health?

Folks, you decide. h/t to MOMocrats