Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It has been one for Senator Roland Burris

Burris has withheld information about fundraising for former embattled Governor Rod Blagojevich. He has changed his story quite a bit, but now we know that he DID seek to raise funds for the former governor at the request of his brother, while seeking Obama's senate seat.

I stood up for Burris getting this senate seat, not because I believe he could win in 2010, I stated that I believed he could not, but because the process was legally right. Though many of us did not like Blagojevich picking a senator, it was his right at the time to do so, since he was not indicted nor convicted of anything. It stunk of high heaven, but the law is the law and the senate in D.C. had to deal with it.

Now this. What Blagojevich did was criminal for the Democratic Party and State of Illinois, but what Burris did to get this seat is equally as bad. Burris stated that he did not participate in no 'quid pro quo' but now he has revised his statement several times since this story broke Saturday. Should an ethic investigation commence? At this point, who cares? The damage is done. One thing we hoped that Burris was bringing to getting seated as the junior senator was closure of this mess, but more importantly his name and credibility being clean. It is not.

The race for President Obama's seat is wide open. And will the Republican candidate win? Who knows, but for a once safe seat for Democrats has gone to a tossup with a bunch of hotmess attached all over it.

Burris heads for Ethics Committee, damn it did not take Harry Reid long AT ALL.

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