Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guard from Gitmo comes forward with the truth

The Horror of the Bush Years.

Army Pvt. Brandon Neely was scared when he took Guantanamo's first shackled detainees off a bus. Told to expect vicious terrorists, he grabbed a trembling, elderly detainee and ground his face into the cement — the first of a range of humiliations he says he participated in and witnessed as the prison was opening for business.

Neely has now come forward in this final year of the detention center's existence, saying he wants to publicly air his feelings of guilt and shame about how some soldiers behaved as the military scrambled to handle the first alleged al-Qaida and Taliban members arriving at the isolated U.S. Navy base.

His account, one of the first by a former guard describing abuses at Guantanamo, describes a chaotic time when soldiers lacked clear rules for dealing with detainees who were denied many basic comforts. He says the circumstances changed quickly once monitors from the International Committee of the Red Cross arrived. read more here.....

Expect more of this as the Obama Administration sets policy and those who were "Bushified" try to run for cover. For those who think investigations will not commence, expect different, it will as information is forthcoming. And those like, i.e., Alberto Gonzales, who don't have a "pardon card", should be very worried going forward.

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