Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hypocrisy on Wall Street, "Rick's Rant" about Obama's Housing Bailout, but quiet on their OWN BAILOUT (Video)

h/t jjp

rikyrah at jjp is right. Where was this mo-fo when Wall Street was begging for a bailout? When Wall Street said, "if we don't get a bailout the financial system will collapse?" And finally when Wall Street was the MAIN PROBLEM of the housing collaspe in this country. Yes, the main problem because they kept saying YES to many who had too much debt or could not afford these houses, instead of saying, "NO". In other words, they only cared about their bottom dollar and not the consequences of what could happen to this country until after the fact.

Again, two set of standards. One for the very wealthy in this country and one for the average worker. The love of money will get you every time, we see it got Wall Street.

The Wall Street ranter is Rick Santelli.

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