Friday, February 20, 2009

These GOP Governors and the "Just say NO" to stimulus money

When was the last time you saw free money, coming to you and you said no?

Yes, I thought so. Many will not say no, they will take the cash and quietly go away. But it is those who say NO that we remember.

Governors Sanford of South Carolina, Jindel of Louisiana, Perry of Texas and Barbour of Mississippi can go ahead and say no, but it will be at the peril of their constituents in their states.

There is no doubt or argument that those states listed above are hurting in the unemployment numbers, struggling with balancing their budgets and are from the regional reduced Republican Party.

No one is putting a gun to these governors head to take this money. So, let Louisiana continue languishing, since it has never recovered from Katrina. Allow the unemployment numbers to continue rising while Sanford in South Carolina is fighting inside his party for the far right. These are examples, just continue to do nothing. That money can be spread out to other states that are not shy in saying my budget is messed up, we are losing jobs, we need to keep cops and nurses on their beats, our roads are atrocious, the infrastructure in the state is as bad as that bridge that fell in Minneapolis. Don't take the money, other states will be more than happy to have it and their constituents want it.

This posturing for television is stupid. And this goes for all these Republicans, especially those in Washington, D.C. Don't go on television beating the stimulus package but go back to your districts as the ribbon is cut for a new project that you did not vote on. Don't say the money is wasteful spending but you as a governor accepts it then try to run for the presidency stating you created jobs for you state. These are examples of hypocrisy ads already being made.

If these governors, politicians deeply do not believe in the stimulus bill, don't take the money. Stand on your principle. We don't have a magic bullet or wand to say this will work, but to stand by and do nothing is catastrophic for this country. But in the end for these principled politicians, to try talking out of the side of your mouth and to play it both ways is hypocritical and you will be called on it. If you have not learned anything, remember this, the public is not asleep the waking giant has awaken and the public is watching and listening to you.

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