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Evening Wrap Up with Obama, McCain, Viagra and Birth Control...


McCain, Viagra and Birth Control

All of this came under a microscope by McCain's surrogate, Carly Fiorina who was speaking to women on McCain's behalf. This is what she stated:

"There are many health insurance plans that will cover Viagra but won't cover birth control medication. Those women would like a choice."

But NARAL Pro-Choice America quickly pointed out that McCain voted against measures that would have required insurance companies to cover birth control -- in 2003 and 2005. Then McCain quickly, or slowly can't remember if he did or didn't.

Oh, Fiorina also gave McCain another bombshell to clean up on regarding Roe v. Wade:
She also told women in Ohio that McCain "has never signed on to efforts to overturn Roe vs. Wade." But "according to his campaign website: 'John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.'"

My take, I believe a woman should have a choice for birth control, period. I also believe that insurance companies should cover it. If they can cover viagra, why not birth control?

Birth control is a woman's decision. You either take it or not. Just as viagra is an older, older mature man's decision if he will take it or not.

The government should remove itself from the decision of women in regards to birth control. I have noticed when picking an insurance plan in the past 10 years, that more insurance plans do not offer birth control options for women. This is not the government's business, as it is not the insurance companies business how a physician treats his/her patient. Which is why healthcare in this country is in shambles due to direct intervention of insurance companies making decisions on patients and not the physician.

This whole interaction of John McCain need to be a wakeup call for women. This man is no where near the side of women's issues and to think or even wonder if he is, needs to be looked at by women long and hard.


is richardson being vetted?


Obama radio ad, responding to the RNC

The following is a radio ad off the RNC against Obama regarding taxes:

And click here to here the Obama response.

This ad is being run in Virginia and Ohio.





McCain is still on the defense with the Phil Gramm "Americans are Whiners" statement on the economy


An open letter to Michelle Obama, well worth a read.


Obama and raising the money

Wall Street Journal released a story that Obama raised just 30M for the month of June.

This is a fall off. Why? Because, again Obama is not taking public finance money. He will not receive an 84M check, as McCain will after the convention. So, the burden of raising money is literally on all of us. Also, let us not forget that he has to also raise money for the DNC which has been in shambles on the money end and many down ballot races around this country NEED OBAMA standing next to them for their fundraisers.

Just keep all this in mind folks. Money is important.

Now the Obama Campaign released a statement regarding the Wall Street Journal report:
“The Wall Street Journal report of our fundraising numbers is way off the mark. It appears that after 18 months, some in the press still haven’t realized that anyone who is talking about numbers doesn’t know what our numbers are.”

So, Obama raised more than 30M. McCain raised 22M. The RNC and McCain have been raising huge amounts of money. Obama and the DNC have been raising catch-up money, for the DNC.

Stay tuned.


the veeps....


Food Prices Eat Up School Lunch
Students at about three-quarters of American schools can expect to find higher prices in their cafeterias when they return this fall, according to a recent survey by the School Nutrition Association. The reason? Skyrocketing costs for nearly every basic food item schools rely on for meals - including a 17% increase in the price of milk and bread since last year. "You can only stretch the food dollar so far," the association's president-elect, Katie Wilson, told members of the House Education and Labor Committee Wednesday. "We simply don't have the funds to continue on with this."

U.S. schools served about 5 billion lunches last year with an average price tag of $2.58 per meal. That cost will likely jump $0.30 - or 12% - per meal in the coming year, SNA estimates, or about $1.5 billion nationwide. Most schools already lose money on free or reduced-price lunch and breakfast programs; nearly 18 million students qualify for these meals, which are subsidized by the federal government, but at a rate far below the actual cost of providing the food. To make ends meet, nearly 70% of schools told SNA that they would have to dip into "rainy day" funds, financial reserves that usually go to capital improvements. Some 62% said they are also considering cutting staff. continue


california living and california prices coming to a pump near you

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