Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The ugliness is about to start.

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There is some sneaky bullshit at hand.

How and why?

My mother always have said, "if it smells foul, it is foul".

And while there are people arguing about this, that or the other, the RNC in cahoots with McCain is skirting, bypassing the spending caps for McCain's campaign.

This is why Barack Obama needed to be independent.

The shit is going to hit the fan, while we argue about, "whatever".


Last week, we wrote that despite the vast disparity between John McCain's and Barack Obama's overall fundraising total this cycle--$120 million to $287 million at last count--the Republican stands a surprisingly good chance of keeping up with his rival in the general election. One reason was the RNC. When you combine McCain's individual war chest with his party's bankroll, it turns out the Republican nominee has about $90 million currently burning a hole in his pocket, while Obama and the DNC weigh in at a relatively paltry $47 million, or half as much.

Yes, it is called funneling money through another channel to out wit, out smart and out raise money against your opponent.

While folks are screaming about Obama, the media darling called John McCain is just quietly and secretly running the Bush playbook in money raised.

Did we think this was going to be easy? If you did, shame on you. This is going to be hard and it won't help any if our candidate is underfunded in every way.

...McCain has agreed to an $84.1 spending limit by accepting public funds--a decision he likes to portray as a principled stand against the corrupting influence of money on politics--at least double that sum will be dropped on his behalf before Election Day thanks to loopholes in the law that allow outside groups to effectively skirt such limits...

I know there are people really concerned about Obama's issues, but there are others who don't give a shit and dump it continuously, right here. And all the while the bickering is being used, gathered by the McCain campaign so they can target those that are unhappy because this or that candidate did not win. They send their trolls over here to feed the fuel, to write divisive diaries, etc. If we can not see the forest before the trees, which is winning in November, what is the damn point?

McCain has joined forces with the RNC to start a heavy ad campaign against Barack Obama. While this is happening they (McCain and RNC) are funneling money to blanket 527s.

While we are bickering they are ponying up and I mean a plenty.
Meanwhile, McCain campaign is stepping around federal spending limits by funneling cash through the state and national party machinery--and potentially benefiting from donations to a non-RNC organization that could boost his chances in key states. As the Wall Street Journal reported last Thursday, the Republican Governors' Association, a GOP group unrestrained by federal spending limits because it's designed to elect governors, is now "marketing itself as a home for contributions of unlimited size to help Sen. McCain."

One of the most hateful, divisive and racist campaign tactics are in the midst of being unleashed. This is why Obama refused public financing and this is why the GOP is scared. How can it be that the GOP will go there? They have to run on their record, complicit with George W. Bush and it is one of the most shittiest records in presidential history. So, what do you do? Make this election about Barack Obama. Get ready, the ugly is a comin'.
According to the Journal, the group "has seen a "significant" increase in contributions from individual donors since [it] began mentioning the side effects for Sen. McCain's campaign," doubling its take in the first six months of 2008 to $14 million, compared with the same point in the 2004 election cycle. Currently, Team McCain is soliciting checks of up to $70,100 from each donor--$28,500 for the RNC, $40,000 for a quartet of state parties and $2,300 for the candidate himself. But if the Governors' Association actually works on a local level to boost McCain's bid,* even that ceiling on individual contributions--which is already high enough to ensure that the senator's publicly-financed campaign will raise about half of its money from private sources--would be shattered.

Understand that one? They are going to shatter us in fundraising, while we are being mad, withholding money, etc. Tisk, tisk, what a shame? And isn't this the Democratic year?
The National Rifle Association plans to spend about $40 million on this year’s presidential campaign, with $15 million of that devoted to portraying Obama as a threat to voters' Second Amendment rights. And just this morning the Christian Defense Coalition launched a new campaign called "Barack Obama: The Abortion President" designed to blunt Obama's attempts to make inroads with evangelicals. All of which boost McCain--without depleting his war chest.

Let's be frank here. If Barack Obama does not raise the kind of money in large numbers, there is going to be trouble. We are already behind the eight ball because of a long primary which was over in March, but was extended through June. It does not give Obama time to breathe or time for much of anything. I hope you understand, time is not our friend here.

Everyone has a choice and we all disagree with a position of Obama's. He is not god, but a man, in the meantime it does not mean that we need to stop donating to him or the DNC.

Here it is a Democratic year, when we can win the White House and advance seating in the congress but we get angered and give the right wing media talking points. Hell, I read in another diary that the god awful, Hannity was on his radio station quoting Markos for holding back his campaign donation. Sure, many will state, "so 'effin what, Hannity said this, that or the other", but I sure did not expect him to be quoting Markos or anyone who post here at dkos, against our own candidate. Sigh.

And how do I feel about Obama? Pissed at his FISA stance; not crazy about the religious program (just believe that church and state don't work, example, George W. Bush); abortion stance I am fine with; don't like his gun control position; his Iraq stance has not changed (and let's be real here, we don't know the real story on Iraq because the horserace is more important and cheaper than keeping journalists in Iraq to get the real story); but I am not going to be caught up in a pissing match to give the GOP points because in the end, I WANT TO WIN in November. That is the real picture, winning in November.

It sure has been a long time since we tasted the White House. At the pace we are going, it will be another long time, AGAIN. We need to get it together.


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