Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Evening Wrap Up, with Obama, McCain, and other stuff....

obama with los angeles mayor anthony villaraigosa at the lulac conference in washington, dc


obama's response ad to the RNC on energy, running in wi, mi, oh, pa


Well, a lot has been popping off. First, I wrote a diary in the thief of the night that is off the hook over on Daily Kos.

Now some Democrats are focusing on the ridiculous attitude of not funding Barack Obama because of Obama’s stance on the FISA Bill.

Look, I am not a one issue voter. In fact, I have not met a politician that fulfilled all of my needs. Have you? So, case in point, we have Barack Obama, he is the nominee.

I refuse to cut Obama off at the knees because some faction of the Democratic Party is angry about FISA and the rest of America could care less about it. Does it make FISA less important, no, but not the number one issue burning with Americans, which is the economy. Obama will not get an 84M check from public financing after the convention, he is depending on us. Yes, you and me. So, that wacked noise about not funding Obama is lost with me.

I have been a Democrat all my LIFE. My mother, from the old school in Chicago, a precinct captain taught me the trade of Democratic politics. I know how the rings are kissed, seen it many times, but one thing I am not going to do is have a nominee underfunded. I have held my nose for YEARS on some Democratic candidates that were not worth 2 minutes of anyones time, but I voted for them with a clothes pin on my nose because of the belief, for the good of the party. And I know MANY of you have had to do this, too.

We now have a moment in time to move full force to the White House, down to the local races and get the 'D' in those slots. Sorry, I don't like Obama's stance on FISA, but I will be DAMNED if I am going to sit on my laurels over a bill that most of America not only don't know about but could give a damn about. Should it be this way? No, but I have learned that you can not win this war, but you must pick the battles that you can win. This was not one of them, in my view.

Yes, I am that heated. Read it here on Daily Kos and donate to the Obama Campaign, here.


obama in st. louis giving a speech on economic security


Take the Wall Street Journal Poll on who is better equipt to handle the economy, here.


Iraq PM wants the US out of Iraq, Timetable, please

raq said for the first time yesterday that it wanted to set a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from its territory.

President Bush has long resisted a schedule for pulling his 145,000 soldiers out, arguing that it would play into the hands of insurgents. Nouri al-Maliki, the Shia Prime Minister, who boasted last week that he had crushed terrorism in the country, suggested that it was time to start setting time-lines.

“The current trend is to reach an agreement on a memorandum of understanding either for the departure of the forces or to put a timetable on their withdrawal,” Mr al-Maliki said during a visit to the United Arab Emirates. He rejected efforts by Mr Bush to hurry through an agreement on vital issues such as the immunity of US troops in Iraq and use of the country’s airspace. Mr Bush had hoped to sign a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) by the end of July to establish the basis for a long-term presence of US troops in the country. continue


obama girls on their parents


this is where obama will accept the democratic nomination, wow...


michelle obama's girlfriends, on michelle obama


The Obama Campaign is asking for input from Americans for the Democratic Platform in Denver, next month.
Every four years, the Democratic Party assembles a “platform” that outlines the party’s position on a variety of issues. Traditionally, the platform is written by paid professionals and then presented to the American people.

This year, that’s going to change.

From July 19 to July 27, everyday people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their own communities. From Atlanta, Georgia to Muncie, Indiana, from Bangor, Maine to Eugene, Oregon, Americans will meet to talk about what issues are most important to them and what should be at the heart of the Democratic platform for change.

The results of these Platform Meetings will be incorporated into the formal process that culminates in the adoption of the platform at the Democratic Convention in August. A few participants may even be invited to appear and testify at the National Hearing and at the Convention!

You can write the next chapter in the history of the Democratic Party. Host an event in your own community. We’ve prepared all the materials that you need to host. Or, if you’d prefer, find an event near you.

All the information is right here.


obama's speech at LULAC in washington, dc

mccain's speech at LULAC in washington, dc

chuck todd on obama's pending european tour and polls


and Obama's emergency landing in St. Louis, yesterday...

obama in powder springs, ga

So, how was your groove today?

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