Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is our goal. This is our task.

this is our mission, this is our task. to retire this, for good.


See that above?

That is what this election is about. The mission, if you accept, is to totally retire that phraseology and that image, FOR GOOD. If you don't understand that, I don't know how else to type this.

I posted some comments surrounding the bru-ha-ha of FISA. (And this is not about FISA, and don't post anything about it. If you think you must, write your own diary.) Now, my comments were about meeting a lot of people, families in NW Indiana over the 4th of July weekend. This area in the 60s, 70s, and 80s was a robust area during the steel mill boom. This area as I was growing up, I knew many guys who graduated from high school and ended up working at the mill. I knew many of my friends who had steel mill representatives in their high schools, recruiting, just like the military does/did back in the day. This area of Indiana was the Midwest version of Pennsylvania, Ohio that these die hard cable desks clerks constantly talk about, as if they grew up there. This is a diverse area, but more importantly hard core middle class.

After speaking to some families that afternoon the feeling is not much anymore. I got caught up in FISA and that was my mission while in Indiana to approach and widen the conversation on it, but I quickly learned that I was shot down and reduced to listening to reality stories of kitchen table economics.

One Hispanic family, I approached was open and blunt. The father of 6 kids has been back and forth from the mill, the wages have been cut, and he is laid off again. The family moved to Indiana with the promise from his boss that the job would turn permanent and it did, but he ended up laid off. As they moved to Indiana they purchased a home and now are trying to work with the bank on mortgage payments, while his wife is working a full-time job at minimum wage. What startled me was speaking to his wife, she has actually been tracking the cost of food for six months. The regular items that she purchases, she knew the pricing on these items cold. I was not only shocked, but humbled. It made me realize that this is what's really happening. We have people hurting, in need, this is no joke, this is nothing to laugh about. I felt sorry for this family, they have six kids, worrying about how they will pay their bills, but more importantly how they will survive.

I spoke to another family, Caucasian. This was a family who lost their mother. The kids are grown with their own families, but their father worked at LTV Steel Mill. This mill went through bankruptcy and reduced pension but more importantly health care to retirees. I remember this because my husband is from this area and this was the talk over in Northwest Indiana that a company can just slash your pension, healthcare to almost nothing and the courts can back it up.

Well, this family's mother had multiple health issues and was constantly sent home without fixing what was wrong. The son said they looked at the insurance, did what the insurance covered and kept sending her home, then she eventually died. I did not go into what her health issues were, diabetes and high blood pressure was mentioned, but the family was angry, visibly. Their anger is towards this country, but more so, towards how a person can work all their life, was promised something and it was taken away when they needed it the most.

Another person (African-American) I talked to was working 3 jobs, his wife one to support their three kids. They lost their home and are now living with his parents. They are making a little over minimum wage, but in the end, he said they are not getting ahead. He wore my ear out about there are no jobs that pay a living wage where you can take care of your family. He outright told me, he is not asking to be a millionaire, just want to be comfortable like many families in America and hope to send his kids to college.

I walked away from this park, totally touched. See, it is easy to write and talk about these issues when you got a good paying job, or you are lucky to have some money or trust fund, or you are economically safe. So, it is easy to say, "Oh the economy is bad, blah, blah, blah." If you were in my shoes, you would have walked away thinking we need to do something and do something fast to help these people.

That is why the difference of McCain vs. Obama is a no-brainer. While we have been caught up with our differences, McCain has been given a pass, practically. Not anymore.

What former Senator Phil Gramm said is what McCain actually believes. Calling Americans a "Nation of Whiners" about the economy is not only insulting but gives you a clear view of what they really think about Middle Class Americans.

Why would any Democrat or even Independent vote for John McCain? This is a man so far removed that he never had to experience the hardship of not having a job, not having to worry about his next pay check, no hardship on money, and never has been off the government payroll. This mental attitude is reserved for the most elitist of this country. These are the top 1% of the Bush thinkers who has gotten a free ride on tax breaks for practically the whole 8 years. So, why would anyone think that John McCain is different? Remember, "Birds of a feather, flock together". This is why McCain offers no difference. Finally, McCain even said that our economical problems are psychological. In other words, "America Get Over It." Is this who we want as the next president? Remember how the citizens and the country was treated by Katrina? People were treated with indifference and the attitude of "get over it", from this current administration. And you think McCain will be better? You better think hard and long about who should be the next president.

Did Obama respond?

The response was loud and clear. We don't need any of what McCain and Cronies are dishing out and have continued to dish out.

As we get closer to the convention and the general election, the difference is stark and clear. There is no way any democrat reading this blog can honestly put McCain in their column. Need more reason about the travesty of McCain? Read, McContradiction. If that is not enough, look at McCain's Litany of Flip-Flops. After reading this, there is no 'effin way John McCain should be the next President of the United States. That t-shirt says it all.


The John McCain Camp Announced Today:

The McCain campaign announced today that they and the RNC have combined cash on hand of over $94 million -- an indication that they'll very much be able to compete with Barack Obama's fundraising machine.

I want everyone to remember, Obama is not accepting public financing. He will not receive an 84M check after the convention, as McCain will. Also, Obama is still in primary mode, he cannot touch any general election money until after he accepts the Democratic Nomination. Need more push? McCain just had his best fundraising month, June. Need a harder push? McCain Camp bragging they are outspending Obama on teevee ads 2-1.

From this point forward, he is relying on us. That is the reality. Now, we have a choice. To do nothing or try to win this thing in November.


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Together we can win in November, apart we will lose. Thanks for reading.


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