Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Obama Evening Wrap Up. Illinois and Corruption.

Obama meets with Al Gore in Chicago, today.


Blagojevich and the Fallout

If you have not heard, Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) was arrested by the feds for attempting to sell or auction off Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder. No joke, this is for real.

In terms of Barack Obama or fallout, none, but embarrassment for the Illinois Democratic Party. Also, you must now put Obama's senate seat and the governorship in toss up for 2010. The potential "auctioning off" of Obama's seat is a serious stain and it reeks.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich embarked on a "corruption crime spree" and tried to benefit from his ability to appoint President-elect Barack Obama's replacement in the U.S. Senate, federal officials said Tuesday.

At a news conference in Chicago on Tuesday, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald called it a sad day for the citizens of Illinois and alleged that the governor tried to "auction off" the Senate seat "to the highest bidder."

He said the alleged behavior "would make (Abe) Lincoln roll over in his grave."


Fitzgerald accused Blagojevich of "appalling conduct" and said the governor "has taken us to a truly new low." He alleged that the governor wanted "tangible and up front" cash in return for appointing Obama's successor.

"He wasn't against a corrupt deal, he was against being stiffed in a corrupt deal," Fitzgerald added.

Fitzgerald said "Blagojevich put a 'for sale' sign on the naming of a United States senator."

Lynn Sweet reminded many that the Obama Campaign NEVER had ANYTHING to do with Governor Blagojevich. Period. View it below.

While the criminal complaint is extensive and long, this is just the beginning folks. Just the beginning. Read it all here.

What I am trying to understand is this, "If you are doing scummy shit, why on earth are you talking about it on the phone and out in the open? Knowing that you are under investigation already????" My teenage nephew has more sense than this!! The corruption in Illinois is real. Our previous governor, Ryan, is currently in prison for corruption. 2010 is going to be interesting. Can the Republicans regroup and take Obama's senate seat and the governorship or will the Democrats survive? Expect a lot of promises from both sides about reform and corruption. A show we viewed in 2002.

Lastly, this governor is brazen, careless and classless. The sooner he resigns, the faster we can regroup and clean the stench in Springfield, Illinois up.

Continuous Update.

Obama was not aware, video below:


No allegations against Obama in Illinois: official
President-elect Barack Obama was in no way implicated in the federal corruption charges against the governor of his home state of Illinois, a fellow Democrat, the U.S. prosecutor in the case said on Tuesday.

"I should make clear the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever," said U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested on corruption charges on Tuesday, including trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Obama. Obama, who takes office on January 20, left the Senate soon after winning the November 4 presidential election.

Fiztgerald told a news conference that with the arrest of Blagojevich he had wanted to stop a "crime spree."

Obama aides would not immediately comment on the charges against the governor, but said the Obama transition office would be issuing a statement. continue


Auto turmoil casts cloud over factory jobs
Ron Maccari, an assembly worker for General Motors for nearly 30 years, has been angry lately over the negative comments he’s heard on TV and read on the Internet about his chosen career.

For weeks, the Big Three U.S. automakers have been on a campaign for a federal bailout, leaving the manufacturing industry as a target of public vitriol.

Lawmakers, economists and business executives have joined in the attack.

Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., called the U.S.-based auto industry a “dinosaur.” An analysis in The Wall Street Journal titled “Just Say No to Detroit” by economist David Yermack suggested: “We would do better to set this money on fire rather than using it to keep these dying firms on life support.” Media mogul Ted Turner, in an interview with NBC's Tom Brokaw, questioned why the country was still trying to “keep alive a smokestack industry of the past.” continue



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The Governor Blagojevich arrest and stunning criminal complaint by the US Attorney's Office is just unreal. To attempt to sell or auction off Obama's Senate Seat to the highest bidder is truly unethical, immoral, and a Hollywood movie ready to be made. It is stuff like this, that makes many Americans cynical about politics. And this is on both sides of the aisle.

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