Saturday, December 13, 2008

IL Governor Rod Blagojevich Rumored to Resign as Early as Monday

All I can type is, "ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME".

Gov. Blagojevich will decide early next week -- perhaps as early as Monday -- whether he should resign, a source close to the governor told the Chicago Sun-Times.

"He was blindsided by this," the source said. "He needs some time to digest what's going on. He's going to make his position clear shortly."

Blindsided? No, let's call it what it is, he is STUPID. Here is a governor who has been under investigation since 2004 and told everyone not to talk on the phone but got caught talking on the phone.
On Friday, in his first public comments since his arrest, the governor did not rule out the possibility he might resign. As he left the federal courthouse after a visit to the pretrial services office, a reporter asked the governor, "Do you have anything to say to the people of Illinois?"

He replied, "I will at the appropriate time. Absolutely."

"Are you going to resign?" the reporter asked.

"I'll have a lot to say at the appropriate time," Blagojevich answered.

Also Friday, Blagojevich retained the lawyer who defended R&B singer R. Kelly and disgraced media mogul Conrad Black to represent him in his criminal case.

Ed Genson, one of Chicago's top criminal-defense attorneys, said he was assembling a team of lawyers to assist with the case. Genson typically doesn't represent clients who plan to plead guilty.

Yeah, R. Kelly, the alleged child molester. Yep, though he was found innocent, for many he is a child molester. Blago lawyering up with that crew, who got Kelly exonerated.

Good luck, and I hope you find some money to pay the 500K that you owe your previous lawyers.

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