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Democrats, Time to Clean House

I am from Chicago, so this Blago mess is not a stranger to many in this state.

Between the crap in Chicago and downstate Illinois, this state does have a serious problem with "pay to play politics." It is a lifeline for many politicians in this state, period.

For any to think Blagojevich mess won't touch many in congress, like the Democrats in charge, think again.

It will and it should.


Illinois have had 3 governors go to prison/jail since 1968 for some sort of corruption and it always involved money. To hear that FBI agent state on television yesterday his take on Illinois politics, "...if it isn't the most corrupt state in the US it is certainly one hell of a competitor." That was a hard blow for many who live in this state.

Rod Blagojevich should never have been re-elected. He was under investigation in 2006; many within his circle have been under investigation or have been in front of a federal judge. If the Illinois GOP had its act together, Blago would have been defeated in 2006.

The Republican Party lost its power in 2006 for the one main thing the MSM did not pick up on, the public's anger at the GOP and its corruption within the party and around the party. This anger still festered into 2008 but was magnified by the incompetence of George W. Bush and many in HIS inner circle. Those many have also been in front of a federal judge or resign their office to run away from one.

There is no doubt in my mind that Blagojevich was tipped off to the feds. This happened by someone higher up in the know on the Democratic Party side, or one of these aides/friends running around with Blago who was privy to what he was up to in the "Obama Seat to the Higher Bidder Gate" and made or brokered a deal with the feds. Whoever snitched, for whatever reason, I bow to you and say, "thank you."

My thank you is to wake up the Democratic Party. We cannot be the party to point the finger and talk about corruption but allow it to fester among our own. We, Democrats also have to take some of the blame for not sending Blagojevich back to his North side home FOR GOOD in 2006. The man should not have been re-elected, period. Now many Illinoisans have to sit through another tarnished image scandal. But we cannot just be angered at the politics in play here; we have to also be angered at ourselves. We voted for this idiot, so we got what we voted for, knowing we smelled the stench of his roses from Chicago to Cairo, Illinois but held our noses and voted for him.

We need to stop this.

This site, Daily Kos, is about finding, promoting and supporting good Democrats but more importantly HONEST ones.

There are two points that stood out with Barack Obama from the time he announced in February of 2007 to run for president, ethics reform and transparency. This must be adhered to by Democrats across the board.

A real test that is coming to Democrats in 2009 has been brewing in congress for some time, his name is Charlie Rangel.

After the outrage and non-carelessness of Blagojevich, the word corruption and honesty is hanging around Rangel's head. The Democrats need to come to terms about what they will do about him. While Obama is now insulating himself more against Blagojevich, the Dems need to do something about Rangel and his mess.

More bad news for Democrats on Tuesday: The U.S. House Ethics Committee is expanding its investigation of Charles Rangel of New York. This is a particularly troubling development given Rangel's power over America's tax policies.

Earlier in the day Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was indicted on corruption charges.

The Rangel affair comes equipped with a defiant congressman who, just the other day, said he doesn't think reporters ought to decide who stays or goes in Congress.

That was a reference to recent reports in The New York Times about Rangel's questionable behavior.

Rangel's right, of course. The media don't decide who can be a member of Congress.

But the Ethics Committee does have almost that much power if it decides a representative has abused the trust of the American people.

Now the committee is looking into several allegations about Rangel, who is the current chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

While Pelosi is stating there is no reason for Rangel to step down, this is happening:
Tuesday, the House ethics committee said it's now expanding its investigation of Rangel.

If there is nothing there, fine, but if there is and Democrats are just willing to turn their heads because he is "one of our own", we are no better than the Republicans who lost power in 2006 because of similar situations like this and decided to just turn their heads.
Rep. Rangel has been accused of, among other things, not paying taxes on rent from a Dominican Republic beach house, renting several New York apartments at below-market rates, and, most recently, doing favors for a donor to a school named after him.

He has denied any willful wrongdoing, and has asked the Ethics Committee to investigate the first two allegations. The committee announced Tuesday that it was expanding the inquiry to examine the third allegation.

The party has closed ranks around the veteran, and no Democrats have called on Rep. Rangel to step down.

Barack Obama campaigned on ethics reform and transparency. He promised this change in government, now this must start in the Democratic house. We need to start cleaning house now and continue when Obama ascends to the presidency. This Blagojevich mess is nasty, lingering and makes many question Democrats on why we supported this piece of shit knowing he was dirty, because in the end having a "D" by his name did not help the party in any way.

Corruption lingers and festers with people longer than anything else. While folks will be talking about Blagojevich for some time, we need to do what is necessary to perform our own checks and balances within our party. This means walking the ethical walk, that we the Democrats have talked about.

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