Thursday, December 11, 2008

IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Wants IL Supreme Court to oust Blagojevich. And Patti Blagojevich? (Video)

This is a mess. Just a total mess.

The state's chief law enforcement officer is prepared to invoke an obscure Illinois Supreme Court rule under which the state's seven justices could vote to oust a sitting governor deemed unfit for office.

"The attorney general is prepared to take action but believes the Legislature should have a reasonable time to act," Madigan spokeswoman Natalie Bauer said.

Bauer did not specify a timeline for Blagojevich to resign or for the House and Senate to act on impeachment before she would get involved.

The state Constitution doesn't explicitly indicate an officeholder can be ousted by the court or by impeachment if that person faces criminal charges. Instead, the Constitution uses terms such as "failure to qualify" or "disability" in laying out causes to impeach someone.

The Supreme Court rule allowing justices to wade into the issue of gubernatorial fitness is even less defined, saying only that the court has authority to determine "the ability of the governor to serve."

Madigan, House Minority Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego) and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), a longtime Blagojevich friend and colleague, called Tuesday for his impeachment.

Blago will not leave unless he can leave on HIS TERMS. We already know from the US Attorney's Criminal Complaint, that he constantly talked about money, so one would think he may be in some financial difficulties.

And the Governor's wife? Well, let's just say that Patti Blagojevich is not one who has a warm and fuzzy side like Laura Bush. If you read the US Attorney's Criminal Complaint, this is one hard nosed woman who does not come up smelling like a sweet rose.

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