Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ABC Reports "Candidate #5" in the Blagojevich Fallout is Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Per ABC sources:

Chicago Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., is the anonymous "Senate Candidate No. 5" whose emissaries Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich reportedly offered up to $1 million to name him to the U.S. Senate, federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News.

What this means is that Jackson was willing to pay Illinois Governor Blagojevich up to 1 million dollars for the appointment to Barack Obama's vacant senate seat. This is all alledged.

Jackson has been campaigning HARD for this appointment since the election has ended. Many were dubious that he would be appointed, but now since Blagojevich's criminal complaint is public, there are many players who were in touch with the governor inquiring about being "the one" appointed to Obama's senate seat.
According to the FBI affidavit in the case, Blagojevich "stated he might be able to cut a deal with Senate Candidate 5 that provided ROD BLAGOJEVICH" with something "tangible up front."

Jackson said this morning he was contacted Tuesday by federal prosecutors in Obama whom he said "asked me to come in and share with them my insights and thoughts about the selection process."

More Illinois political corruption fallout will continue.

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