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This Week With "The Democratic Nominee", Barack Obama, September 2-6, 2008

columbia, pennsylvania


joe biden on meet the press, sept 7, 2008


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Themes Set, Both Campaigns Begin Dash to Election
McCain and the Green Screen
Clinton Will Be Used to Attack McCain, Not Palin
Biden sneaks out, teaches class
Obama rolls up his sleeves, hits hard
Concern, care for Palin’s teen should extend to all
Palin's cold shoulder
The Year of Speaking Conventionally
Sarah Palin: George Bush In Lipstick?


The Ground Game Begins

Many of us have been through the primaries by participating in the Obama Campaign. For many it meant going to a state and working it. Well, working the battleground states we must.

The speeches, the conventions are over. The VP picks, are picked. The new VP families have been introduced. The vetting for some, still continue. The gloves are off.

As the Obama Campaign has been doing since 2007, registering people to vote is top priority, NOW. Getting them to the polls is priority for November 4, 2008. Record numbers are being broken in the voter registration area, as in Virginia.

This is crucial, now. While many are looking at national polls, which are irrelevant now, it is time to get activated. It means getting off these blogs, turning off these worthless pundits and cable desk clerks, and putting time into the Obama Campaign.

Getting activated is easy. First, if you want to start a voter registration drive in your community or get involved with one, click here, oh this also includes information for Democrats Abroad. We need folks for these battleground states, so if you live in one or near one and want to volunteer, click here. Want to phonebank from home to help the campaign? All the information is here. And to donate to the campaign, tip my obama jar, here.

Remember, this is going to won on the ground, period. So, sitting around nagging and criticizing does nothing going forward. No campaign is perfect, from this point forward we need to focus on the eye of the prize, while swatting the proverbial McCain/Palin flies that are continuing to cloud our vision.

Just keep all of this in mind and get off you duffs and get going. icebergslim is in wisconsin this weekend.

jill biden in langhorn, pa
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Obama says Palin's family off limits
Obama talks storm, campaign themes
Obama's dose of perspective just what we needed
Obama nomination reshapes racial landscape
Obama talks science
Ten reasons for John McCain to worry

michelle with ellen to air september 8, 2008


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Obama's high-tech edge in presidential politics
Clooney's Obama fundraiser in Geneva a sellout
Biden Brings Out The Tough Talk
McCain Ad Wrongly Claims Obama Plans "Painful Tax Increases for Working Families"
With Palin Pick, McCain Undermines His Claims about Obama's Experience
Joe Lieberman Misleads on Obama's Record
Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage by Frank Rich
Rival Tickets Are Redrawing Battlegrounds

barack in terre haute, indiana, "they must think you're stupid"


'I Don’t Believe in Coming in Second,' Obama Tells Bon Jovi Fundraiser

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., hit a couple swanky Garden State fundraisers this evening, starting at the house of Democratic National Committee treasurer Phil Murphy and his wife Tammy.

“Are you guys fired up?” bellowed Gov. Jon Corzine to the $2,300-per-person crowd. “You better be, because I think you’re liquored up!”

Obama again said that the GOP convention didn’t discuss solutions to problems facing ordinary Americans, unlike the Democratic gathering.

“The Republicans had a different approach to their convention,” he said. “They had a different theory, which was that ‘We are just sarcastic. We spent a lot of time talking about John McCain’s admittedly compelling biography, and we spent a lot of time lying about Barack’ -- that, somehow that’s a political philosophy or an economic theory.” continue

Congressman says he didn't know 'uppity' has racial overtones
Debate Not Relate
Most Clinton backers say Palin's too far a stretch
Poll: Only 4 in 10 say Palin has enough experience
McCain and Obama campaigns grapple for 'change'
Sarah Palin and the "Women's" Vote
Government Takes Over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Barack Obama's Statement of the Government Take Over of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Given the substantial role that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac play in our housing system, I believe that some form of intervention is necessary to prevent a larger and deeper crisis throughout our entire economy. I will be reviewing the details of the Treasury plan and monitoring its impact to determine whether it achieves the key benchmarks I believe are necessary to address this crisis.

First, this plan must not focus on the whims of lobbyists and special interests worried about their bonuses and hourly fees, but instead on strengthening our economy and helping struggling homeowners who are also being hit by lost jobs, stagnant wages and spiraling costs of everything from gas to groceries. Second, the plan must protect taxpayers, not bail out the shareholders and management of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Third, once we ride out the current crisis, the plan must move toward clarifying the true public and private status of our housing policies. In our market system, investors must not be allowed to believe that they can invest in a "heads they win, tails they don't lose" situation.

A shrinking black presence at GOP convention
The Scrutiny of Sarah Palin
Jewish voters may be wary of Palin
'October Surprise' Over Palin Investigation?
Patience, Poll-Watchers
DeLay says Dems better organized
Women of Steel to McCain: Palin Wrong Choice for Working Women, Families
In Ohio, Obama Identifies with Working Mothers
John McCain, Barack Obama to appear together at Columbia University
Scarborough On McCain Campaign’s War Against The Media: ‘I Think They’re Making A Mistake’


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biden on fire about the economy and gop


icebergslim’s last word: palin, mccain and change

Well, this is been a predictable week. Slime was thrown from the republicans, because that is what you do when you don’t have a plan and a piss, poor record of governing.

Now McCain wants us to buy into his “reform plan” or the “change is coming train”. The problem is that Obama owns that and it was tried to be taken away from the Clinton Campaign with little avail. His “reform” or “change” would be much more believable if he had picked a vice presidential candidate who did not have as much baggage as he does. Sure Palin comes from Alaska, but her record indicates “more of the same” and not “change”.

This race eventually, if not already will/is taking a bad turn.

When politicians don’t have a good record to back their party’s positions, the politics of “identity” and “personality” arise. The Republican Party will do everything in their effort to not make this election about issues. On the issues the party is a failure and they followed behind George W. Bush at every turn. They are now paying for it.

So, if Americans really want change, they will vote their pocketbooks. If they don’t, then they cannot complain how things will continue as if George W. Bush never left office.


is this change????????


well, the republican convention if officially over, not without its criticism and controversy. in all my life, this is the weirdest election cycle ever. with every twist, here comes the turn. we are less than 8 weeks away from the election. whatever time you have, use it for this campaign. i will post a diary this week with dates of early voting states and voter registration deadline. if we are going to win this, it is all hands on deck, NOW. as always, remember to focus on obama and not the drama......

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