Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama Morning Break...Handwringing? Do Something.


Polls and Handwringing

There is a recent poll out by USA Today/Gallup Poll.

The handwringers are out HEAVY. And if you don't know what handwringing is, read the following:

wring your hands - to show that you are very sad or anxious about a situation but do nothing to improve it

The reason for handwringing is that for registered voters it is 50-46, McCain up by 4. For likely voters, 54-44, McCain up by 10.

Obviously, folks don't understand the ebb and flow of polls. Did people think McCain would not get a bounce from his convention? Hell, he stepped on Obama the NEXT DAY AFTER HIS CONVENTION with the announcement of Palin. He did that because he had too. Picking Palin was a political move for his base, nothing else. He needed shock treatment and he got that with the Palin pick.

National polls mean NOTHING 7 weeks out of the election. Folks need to pay attention to state polls, period. National polling comes into play 10 days before an election.

For those handwringing, some of it is concern trolling by the other side, but the other is Obama supporters who can't seem to get from behind their computer and DO SOMETHING.

Did people think this would be easy? That Obama would just walk into the presidency? No, this election is about each and everyone of us, and we need to start doing out part, share instead of the continuous complaining on blogs and listservs.

We need the positive energy to win, that means getting off your duffs and working this campaign. All the tools to get started are at Barack's website. Instead of whining and complaining, do something to help this campaign win.

Lastly, here is an excellent writeup by Joe Trippi. Former strategist of John Edwards and Howard Dean. This write up states EVERYTHING of what this campaign is coming down to. The unknown.

The unknown are cell phone users, the continuous under polling of minorities, and new voters. This element was in Iowa and it is nationwide.

Read the article and then get f*cking busy to win in November.


NBC are cowards. Matthews and Olbermann are out.

NBC kowtowed to the Republicans. Now David Gregory, who is the worst moderator on television will be the prime anchor person for any upcoming debates, election night. Can NBC see? Gregory is a biased Republican, period. NBC would be disastrous to even think Gregory can fill Tim Russert's shoes, for Meet the Press replacement. Russert is missed. Anyway, this is my opinion, everyone has one but I am done with these cable desk clerks.

Yes, David Gregory sucks.

Read it here.


The Government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is serious. At least 50 percent of home mortgages are through these organizations. This is another indicator of the economy and the spiral downfall we are in. With the unemployment numbers at the highest in five years, for anyone to think the Republicans will fix this, while they have been in charge, keep whistling dixie. The Republicans are out of touch.

Read bonddad on the Fannie/Freddie situation.


When you are handwringing, look at this video



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