Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama Morning Break....Still in Michigan

Barack at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan


Obama talks economy in Flint, Michigan

Democrat Barack Obama had a message for his Republican opponent on Monday: Visit Flint if you want to witness the effects of a lagging economy.

The presidential nominee issued the challenge to Arizona Sen. John McCain here after recalling his rival's recent claim that the economy is "fundamentally sound."

"He needs to come to Flint and meet some of these folks," Obama told an invitation-only crowd of more than 200 at Mott Community College. "You don't need to tell people in Flint ... that our economy is not in good shape. But you do need to tell John McCain."

Obama gave a roughly 30-minute speech to mostly union workers and campaign volunteers before taking a handful of questions from the audience. The Illinois senator touched on Flint's high unemployment and housing crisis, all the while criticizing McCain's recent claims that the Republican ticket is for change.

Obama said McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, are trying to repackage themselves as agents of change. He said his campaign has run on a slogan of change from the beginning.

"And it must be working, because suddenly John McCain said, 'I'm for change, too,'" Obama said. continue


Barack in Farmington Hills, Michigan


Obama and McCain are 30 miles apart from each other in Michigan

Funny, this is my thought, McCain/Palin are doing a lot of rallies now. Nothing wrong with rallies, but Obama got a rap about doing these rallies a lot in the early days. Now he is sticking more with town hall meetings, a few a day, and moving through each state. It just feels that McCain has either copied what Hillary had done or what Barack has done.

Anyhow, Barack is giving a speech on Education in Riverside and McCain a rally in Lebanon, this morning.


Barack in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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