Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There is more going on than "Lipstick on a Pig"

I stayed away from all the hand wringing and teeth gnashing over this past weekend.

I was busy working my family schedule to volunteer my weekend time to the Obama Campaign.

Many believe that he must hit back immediately. I thought so at one point, but don't look at it that way now.

Why should Barack soil up his image when McCain/Palin are destroying theirs?

I mean, isn't McCain/Palin doing a good enough job right now to themselves?


The lipstick on a pig remark has been used three times by the McCain/Palin campaign. So, the faux outrage is real. Everyone knows this remark means trying to "doll or fix something up, that is not fixable", and that is the McCain/Palin Campaign.

Over the weekend everyone was ready to jump off their nearest bridge because of a poll, well the numbers have shaken out and Barack is even or slightly ahead in most of the polling. The bounce is done.

John McCain thought by picking Sarah Palin that it would be a massive shift, but that is not happening. All this pick did was rev up the base, the "fundy" base that is. Listen to what Matt Damon said to the AP. It is these questions that millions of Americans are asking about Palin right now. The Palin pick eventually will be a turn off to many independents and moderates, both republicans and democrats. Now it is wait and see time.

John McCain must come out negative earlier than later, the polling numbers are not there for him. He knows it and Obama knows it. He must destroy Barack Obama and the only way is by character. McCain/Palin won't win on the issues, the polls tell them that, so going negative, lying and racial is their last card. But, there is another issue at hand, money.

McCain just got his 84M dollar check from the feds, but right now there is fighting amongst the McCain Campaign on what to defend and how.

McCain has been the "presumptive" since February but has done nothing to build a ground structure. He has not opened offices, until lately, hired field operatives, etc. He did not have the money and only had enough to get him around the country and pay his own staff. McCain has not had any staff on the ground all these months for voter registration drives that cost money. Right now this is about money.

Yes, the fundys are aboard, but it may not be enough this late in the game. The RNC will help, but remember the RNC has to defend their own down ballot seats across this country. Again, watch the money.

Watch the movement. Not Barack's but McCain's. Watch what he will defend or what he will let go dark. Pennsylvania will be dropped. It cost a lot of money to defend the keystone state, along with advertising in the Philadelphia market. Keep an eye on Florida. This state has not been given much McCain love, the Florida market is expensive and you need MASSIVE offices open for GOTV. McCain will attempt to defend Virginia, but watch the ad buy for the expensive DC market. McCain will continue to campaign in Michigan, which the Detroit market is not cheap, but watch the state polling numbers. If McCain cannot pull that one from Barack, he will abandon it by mid October. McCain must defend Ohio. Ohio is the wildcard. Yes, they have a huge "fundy" base, but there are more non-fundy's who are hurting economically right now and McCain may not be their cup of tea. I look for New Mexico and Colorado to move to Barack. Yes, Colorado Springs got a lot of "fundys" but they are not the whole state, remember that. I am not sure about Montana, but a friend told me last night that Montana loves their guns, but hate the Patriot Act. This state could be Barack's.

This is what is going on. See what McCain must do? Again, folks this will be won on the GROUND. Not the air. Of course, we see the whining, crying McCain/Palin ad that Barack called Palin a pig. Of course, we just saw Barack mock that statement and make fun of the GOP. Nobody believes that the GOP is offended, not after putting out that bullshit ad on Obama about sex education for Kindergartners! Please.

Lastly, people need to get off this blog and work the Obama Campaign until the election. It means doing something every weekend instead of whining, moaning, bitching and handwringing.

John McCain sold his soul, reputation, image out to play the ugliest, nastiest, racist campaign for the next 56 days. It is all he has left to do. It is up to us, not to get caught up in bullshit but keep our eyes on the prize. Let McCain/Palin become caricatures, because that is what is happening. And let us, the supporters remember to focus on Obama and not the Drama.


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