Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Saturday Roundup. McCain is in trouble.

First Presidential Debate, University of Mississippi, Oxford MS, 9/26/08


My take on the Debate

When the debate started it was Obama with the first shot across the bow, then it was on.

Obama looked relaxed, poised, confident and ready to go.

McCain looked stiff, rigid, wound up and just old.

I watched the debate mostly on CNN and kept looking at that focus group line, for McCain with independents it did not appear good. The group became disenchanted when McCain appeared angered. Even when the moderator, Jim Lehrer said, "I want you to engage, talk to each other." McCain lost by not engaging or even looking at his opponent.

This goes back to what the McCain Campaign is about. Gimmicks, tricks, tactics to just make it through each day. While the Obama Campaign is more thoughful, open and move in a strategic force. This shows you how each candidate will perform in the White House, McCain will be a patch, work quilt, while Obama will look forward, with vision.

As, I did not like the McCain rigidness and obvious disdain actions towards Obama, I did not care for Obama constantly agreeing with McCain. The "John is right" is now a McCain web ad. Again, McCain won't give Obama any free points, Obama should not give any to McCain.

Overall, I found Obama did what he needed to do. He stood his own against McCain's best subject, foreign policy. McCain needed to knock Obama out and he did not. From all the polling and focus groups, what stunted McCain was his rigidness, unwillingness to acknowledge Obama's presence and just came off as the "grumpy grandpa". McCain needed more than that, he needed to appear personable, younger, comfortable and he did not.

For all of that, Obama did cross the much needed thresh hold, people now can vision him as a Commander-in-Chief and that is dangerous for John McCain.


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Barack and Michelle after the Presidential Debate



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Tuesday, September 30th

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