Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am not surprised.

At work today, the regular joes and joesettas are angry and saying NO.

The congress-critters are up for re-election in November and their phones, emails, and faxes are working steadily with messages from all the joes and joesettas to vote NO BAILOUT.

This is what is at stake.

The average joe and joesetta understand a couple of things. Bailout means giving money to a system that is broke, and Wall Street which means "Rich People", this does not include THEM.

So, in that logic joes and joesettas are stating, "Why should we bail them out? They are greedy anyway!! They know the stock market is like a crap game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. When I go to the casino and lose my money, ain't nobody bailing me out!!"

And they are absolutely right.

McCain played high stake poker and will come up with a draw. He went to D.C. to whip the republicans in shape and we now know he can not whip a turtle in shape. He went to the meeting with the president, Obama and the majority and minority leaders, only to walk out the back door away from cameras because no agreement is on the table. We also found out that McCain's own party does not like him much now. They are suspicious that he says one thing "publicly" but will hang them out to dry to run against the party and seize the mantle of running for the people by voicing his opinion to the bill by saying, "NO BAILOUT". Remember, McCain has not said if he is for the bill or against the bill.

Much political theater today and totally unnecessary. McCain must make a decision. Is he staying in D.C. to fight for the bill or is he cutting and running, saying, "there is no consensus on this bill and until it is clear cut what the bill will be, I have no comment." We will then see McCain at Old Miss tomorrow debating Obama.

He must show up to the debate. Is he really going to let Obama hold a town hall meeting with 100 million viewers?

No. He is a politician, one who made a bad move for his own campaign and in the end it is a WASH.

And Barack Obama? He still stands unscathed.

No Deal, At Least For Now

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