Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama Evening Wrap Up....Bailout? Not Passing the Smell Test

Barack at O'Keefe's Pub in Clearwater, Florida


The Anger at Wall Street is REAL on Main Street

Just ask your co-workers, grocery clerks, neighbors, family, friends, no one likes this bailout, it stinks. Why should the American Public be stuck with purchasing something that is worthless now, could be worth something later, but not guaranteed?

“I would just like to see some way that these people are held personally accountable,” he said. “We’ve got to do more of that in this country: personal responsibility and accountability.”

For Ebels, who lives in Falmouth, Mich., it’s also especially galling that people like him, who are already suffering from the weak economy, will now end up footing the bill for these chief executives’ mistakes.

“All (the bailout has) done is transfer all the indiscretions of all these people onto the shoulders of the taxpayers,” he said.

There are millions like this that feel this way. Why should we bail out Wall Street? In fact, Wall Street already knew this was coming months ago, and all of a sudden we are suppose to fork over a 700 Billion Package and don't ask the tough questions? All of a sudden it is a dire need? This single package is up there with how much the Iraq War costs!!

Barack Obama has reiterated what he wants in this package, but of course John McCain ducked the question if he is even going to vote for this package. Let me add this, McCain can buck the system, vote no, run against Bush and the congress attempting a populist theme. I hope the Democrats get this before falling for what the Wall Street Titans have to say about Wall Street.

The situation that Wall Street will die without a bailout just looks skeptical to me. Many in this country KNEW about the mortgage situation months, years ago. Many of us saw large mortgage firms go under months, years ago. Many of us knew that many banks had dirty, worthless paper on their books months, years ago. So, now we are suppose to believe the Bush Administration, the same cast of characters that gave us the Iraq War? We are just supposed to hand over money without blinking an eye, this time, like last time for the Iraq War?

Finally, the anger in Main Street is real. Democrats, you are up for re-election. You better think hard; listen to your constituents before siding with the Titans of Wall Street.

The American Public is sending a clear message, "NOT THIS TIME."

Watch Barack's press conference today on the bailout hearings, here.


Obama Ad, "Destination"


Latest LA Times/Bloomberg poll finds 55% of Americans don’t believe the government should be responsible for funding an economic bailout plan.

Obama 48, McCain 35

79% of adults also say they think the country is “on the wrong track,” the highest ever recorded by the Times Poll.

–62% believe insufficient government regulation was partly responsible for the financial crisis.

–32% blamed Wall Street financial institutions and 26% blamed the Bush administration for the crisis.

–64% oppose government loans to automotive firms, 25% were in favor.

–81% say the economy is doing badly, an increase from the 76% in August — and close to the record high of 82% recorded in June, when energy prices were soaring.

–50% said they felt less secure financially now than they did six months ago and 49% said they felt no different or more secure.

–Of those who said they felt less secure, 59% favored Obama, 30% favored McCain. But of those who did not feel less secure, 58% favored McCain, 33% favored Obama.

L.A. Times


Joe in Washington, D.C. at the National Jewish Democratic Council


Howard Dean on McCain, Keating 5 and the McCain Temperament

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