Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama Morning Break. McCain Wants to take a Break

Barack in Dunedin, Florida


Well, Holy Hell Broke Loose Yesterday

I state this for various reasons.

McCain, all of a sudden is concerned about the economy, Washington D.C. can't handle the crisis without him, so he with good conscious suspends his campaign and asks for the debate to not go forward.

The fact is that Cheney went to the hill, that is Capitol Hill, to speak to House Republicans who are not on board for the "Bailout" and was met with resistance, anger and was not successful. In other words, the House Republicans told him "don't let the door knob hit ya'".

McCain must go to Washington, D.C. to whip those Republicans in order. Obama does not, the Democrats are crystal clear about the "Bailout". No deal unless concessions are met, especially HEAVY OVERSIGHT.

But the stunner was McCain suspending his campaign, including running ads, traveling to focus entirely on the "Bailout". This from a man who stated, "the fundamentals of our economy are strong", last Monday. What a change poll numbers make!!

And course if the "Country First", McCain is suspending his campaign and demands that the debate should be delayed, which it will not, why not throw the Vice-Presidential Debate in the lump and postpone that too!!

(Rolleyes Moment, Here)

It took Barack Obama to state this about the debate:

"I believe we should continue to have the debate," he just said. "I believe it makes sense for us to present ourselves to the American people."

"Obviously if it turns out that we need to be in Washington, we've both got big planes, we've painted our slogan on the side of them," Obama also said. "They can get us from Washington to Mississippi pretty quickly." The debate is set to take place in Mississippi.

John McCain is politicizing this. Not the point of going to Washington, D.C., he can do that and campaign, too, I think, but to throw the debate issue into the mix is just ridiculous.

The Presidential Debate Committee scheduled these debates over a year ago, more than 4 million dollars has been pumped into the debate on Friday at Old Miss. It is utterly irresponsible to postpone ANY DEBATE. Period.

Or could it be that McCain is not prepared to debate? That could be. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) ran that down cold and hard on Harball, yesterday. She did not waver, tilt or was confused, she said McCain is unprepared.

As, for Palin being prepared? All you have to do is watch the CBS, Katie Couric interview and all your questions will be answered.


David Letterman obliterates John McCain and his "Bailing Out" of his show, last night


McCain's Embattled Campaign Manager Skips Lunch With Reporters
The New York Times, under fire from the McCain camp over an earlier piece probing McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, responded today with a second piece that hits Davis very hard, reporting that Davis' lobbying firm received a monthly sum of $15,000 from Freddie Mac up until last month.

Now comes word that Davis has quietly canceled a gathering he was supposed to hold with reporters today.

Coincidence? Hard to know. But more broadly, the question is, At what point do the repeated revelations about Davis render him more of a liability to McCain than an asset?

Davis is a bit of a throwback in McCain's universe. He's been a longtime confidante to McCain; he managed McCain's 2000 insurgent campaign against George W. Bush, and isn't really a part of the new camp of hard-boiled Rove acolytes -- Steve Schmidt, etc. -- who have come in to take charge of the McCain campaign. continue



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Michelle in Madison, Wisconsin

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