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Obama Evening Wrap Up...Picture, Proof, Evidence of Who is an ELITIST.

Barack in Green Bay, Wisconsin


Meet the Real Elitists, The McCains

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McCain Campaign Conference Call Meltdown

The McCain Campaign has been going through a meltdown.

Angry at the media for finally reporting the facts of the McCain/Palin lies. This was bound to happen for a number of reasons. The Obama Campaign has finally been working the refs, for fair coverage. Making the media front and center and pressuring them to perform accurate journalism about the McCain Campaign obvious lies has put the McCain Campaign on the defense. Again, it took the ladies of The View and the critical questioning of McCain to really shed light on the campaign of lies. Finally, credibility means something in the world of “spin”.

The McCain Campaign's strategy is to make this a campaign of "personalities" and not "issues". Well, banks failing, established investment houses failing, insurance companies failing, issues are now DEMANDED to be discussed by the American public.

Now the McCain Campaign is bringing up stuff the Clinton Campaign brought front and center during the campaign. William Ayers, the Daleys of Chicago, Tony Rezko, etc. All of this cast of characters that we saw rinsed and repeated during the primary war.

Sen. John McCain’s top campaign aides convened a conference call today to complain of being called “liars.” They pressed the media to scrutinize specific elements of Sen. Barack Obama’s record.

But the call was so rife with simple, often inexplicable misstatements of fact that it may have had the opposite effect: to deepen the perception, dangerous to McCain, that he and his aides have little regard for factual accuracy.

The errors in McCain strategist Steve Schmidt’s charges against Obama and Sen. Joe Biden were particularly notable because they seemed unnecessary. Schmidt repeatedly gilded the lily: He exaggerated the Biden family's already problematic ties to the credit card industry; Obama’s embarrassing relationship with a 1960s radical; and an Obama supporter’s over-the-top attack on Sarah Palin when — in each case — the truth would have been damaging enough.

“Any time the Obama campaign is criticized at any level, the critics are immediately derided as liars,” Schmidt told reporters.

This is whining, at its worst, meaning the internal polling numbers must not be there.

The reason for this happening is the press coverage of the McCain Campaign and the lies out of that camp has been so over the top; the press was literally FORCED to report the facts. This is not sitting well with them. So, up comes the guilt by association play of the McCain Campaign.
Schmidt criticized the press for the relatively sparse coverage of the fact that one of Biden’s sons, Hunter, is a registered federal lobbyist.

“His son is a lobbyist for the credit card and banking industry,” Schmidt said.

But Hunter Biden’s lobbying clients don’t include any banks or credit card companies. He did work, as a vice president and then as a consultant, for MBNA, a Delaware-based bank and credit card giant to which Biden had close ties. But he does not appear to have lobbied for the firm.

“Steve Schmidt lied — or just got it flat wrong," said Biden spokesman David Wade. "Hunter Biden has never — never — been a lobbyist for the credit card or banking industry."

Schmidt attacked Obama for his ties to William Ayers, who has spoken of his role in 1960s anti-war bombings committed by the Weather Underground.

"What we know for sure, and is beyond debate and argumentation is this: Senator Obama said that William Ayers is a guy that lives in his neighborhood. We know that that is a disingenuous and untruthful answer,” Schmidt said.

“Senator Obama began his political career in its early stages raising money at Ayers’ house,” he said.

Obama did hold a 1995 campaign event at Ayers’ house. It was not, however, a fundraiser, and Ayers did not contribute money to Obama’s first campaign, according to Illinois records.

Schmidt also complained of Obama backers’ attacks on McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“As soon as Gov. Palin was nominated, one of … Obama’s chief campaign surrogates, [Florida Rep.] Robert Wexler, went out and accused her of being a Nazi sympathizer,” Schmidt said. “Where is the outrage to that aspersion on the part of some of the biggest newspapers in the country?”

But Wexler didn’t call Palin a Nazi sympathizer. He called former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan a Nazi sympathizer, and attacked Palin for allegedly having endorsed him.

The lack of backing up these claims against the Obama Campaign proved a vacuum for the McCain Campaign, in other words, no comment. Meaning they hoped the press would just jump at their complaints and start writing about these characters who have been WRITTEN about for 2 years.

All I can write is, Good Luck, as I view the the photo above. Who is really zoomin' whom here? Oh, and they HATE the New York Times. Maybe, because they are actually performing their job called "reporting the facts."


All pet and animal lovers, should LOVE THIS

The Humane Society Endorses Obama/Biden!!!
I wanted to let you know that today, on behalf of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, I announced our endorsement of Barack Obama for President. Please see my blog below for more information, and help spread the word to animal lovers across the country.

More on the endorsement, here.


Barack in Green Bay, Wisconsin, "Reforming Washington"


Joe in Baltimore, Maryland before the National Guard Association of the United States



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