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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, August 17-23, 2008

barack and joe after springfield, illinois rally


michelle and jill, springfield, illinois rally


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Joe Biden & Change

One of the first persons I spoke with on the decision of Joe Biden as VP pick was my family. Most of the conversations were with the older members because though Obama supporters were bothered by the “lack of experience” meme.

Well, the pick to this group was a home run. Many said, “Now he has a pick, someone who can work with him in Washington and knows Washington, D.C.” No kidding.

This brings me to the “change” brand of Barack Obama. No one can argue that he was the one with the ONE MESSAGE that resonated with millions of Americans, “Change in Washington, D.C.” Well, we need to push the change theme to the side. We do.

It has come down to politics, as usual in picking Biden. Joe Biden is a fighter for the people, a man with a compelling story, a lunch bucket democrat, raised a devout Catholic and can go into the areas of this country and tell the white working class Americans, “the truth”. Yes, he can tell them to look into their wallets, their bank accounts, track their grocery bills, how much are you paying for energy bills, high price at the pump, what are your wages, and did you lose your job to all these Americans. See, he can make them come to realization that voting for McCain is not going to solve all the issues I just wrote about, but he can tell it to them “their way”.

This is true.

For this Biden can help Obama shore up the Democratic Older Voters, which he is still not doing as well as he should to win in November. Thus, sacrifice change.

Let’s be honest here. We either have change or not. This is not change, but it is a good ticket. It is a pragmatic, down the line ticket that Democrats can be proud of. But the change brand has been tossed. Joe Biden has over 35 years in Washington, D.C. and there is no one who can argue that it represents change. It doesn’t, but again, it does not mean this is not a strong ticket because it is.

So, let’s focus on working like hell to get Obama/Biden elected because we have a ton of work to do from now until November 4th. In the end the real change is from an (R) to a (D) in the White House.

barack in springfield, il


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joe in springfield, il


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american prayer by dave stewart
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icebergslim's last word: hillary and barack

There is a raggedy (you know what) ad out by the McCain Campaign using the words of Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama from the primaries.

A couple of things. Obama Campaign, get Hillary and Barack in an ad, ASAP. Why? Because this ad is using a fellow democrat, from the primaries to attack you, that is why. Also, to defuse the McCain Campaign and show unity in the party.

Yes, we know that Hillary is speaking on Tuesday night and yes, the Obama Campaign can use whatever she says and wrap it into a campaign ad. But the personal touch, should come from the mouths of the ones injected into this terrible, divisive ad.

I hope the Obama Campaign takes heed. They allowed those "celebrity ads" to sit out there and we saw the damage in the polling numbers. No more sitting around. This ad is dangerous on many levels, no response is not accepted.

I do believe the Obama Campaign has learned, by their example of the quick turnaround on John McCain and his ridiculous 7, 8, 10 houses gaffe. We see the desperation of the McCain Campaign to actually "use" another party candidate to divide the other party. Man, the GOP must be shivering to go this low.

This is nothing but a wedge issue tactic by the McCain Campaign. Well, what else can you expect from a party that will offer the average American absolutely nothing but more of the same and have to run on the record of Bush/Cheney?


Springfield, Illinois, August 23, 2008


well, barack has chosen joe biden for the vp pick. all speculation is over. now it is time to rally behind the ticket for a win in november. this means, ALL DEMOCRATS. to even think or vision, any woman or hard-working democrat can vote mccain after all this country has been through with bush is just unfathomable. don't forget to watch the democratic convention, michelle kicks it off tomorrow night. as always, remember to focus on obama and not the drama.....


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