Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, Danger in the Making.


I was shocked like anyone else about Sarah Palin. In fact, I said a couple of weeks back if McCain wanted a game changer it would be a woman, but not Sarah Palin.

When I first heard her initial speech, I could only think of Minnesota. I lived there for 5 years and her verbiage just threw me back. Nothing wrong with it, she is a small town girl, with a great personal story. A mother of five, her last child born prematurely in April with down's syndrome. Palin knew of this early during her pregnancy and decided with her husband to keep her child. I totally, applaud her. But, why did McCain choose Palin?

McCain only met her once. McCain does not know her. She has a great personal story but she is drastically underqualified for the job of Vice-President of the United States. And as a woman, for her to even invoke Hillary Clinton's name, as somewhat of a personal hero, is insulting. We know she does not think much of Clinton, calling her a whiner. Though I did not support Clinton through the primaries, Hillary Clinton is heads and tails over Sarah Palin in experience and valuing women's issues, period.

So, again why Palin?

Well, I was talking to a friend of mine last night and her observation was quite clear, "it is because McCain has no ground game and need to shore up the Christian base." After speaking with her, it is clear, this was strictly a political decision. Let's be honest, does anyone on here think that Palin's views matches McCain's? No, it does not. McCain wanted Ridge or Lieberman on his ticket, but was struck down the by far right wing of the Republican Party. That's what happened.

Joe Scarborough of morning joe stated early in the week that he constantly speak to GOP chairs throughout this country in various states about what is going on in their states and he was quite to the point which explains this choice. Basically, many of these state chairs are grateful for the attack ads of McCain but drastically in fear of Obama's ground game. Why? Because these state's ground game is non-existent, there is no excitement for John McCain at all.

George W. Bush beat John Kerry on the ground. I remember back in 2004 that many democrats and strategists were CONCERNED about the ground game for Kerry, and the enthusiasm that just was not quite there for him in 2004. This is how Bush won Ohio. Yes, there were irregularities and that is for another diary, but the total overall premise was the ground game factor.

We all have witnessed the build of Barack Obama's ground game. It beat everyone, overall during the primaries. Many states have lauded the claim that "finally someone got it", as in getting folks involved and registering people to vote at an alarming race.

Palin was picked to bring enthusiasm, excitement and get the Christian Coalition of the far right wing of the Republican Party out to GOTV and bring folks to the polls. That is her mission.

We won't see Palin alone on the stump that is not her role. She is a sock puppet for McCain's Campaign and will reinforce the theme of why folks should vote McCain.

Yes, many thought that she was to antagonize Hillary voters, Democratic voters and yes, she will, but many independent and democratic minded women voters will reject Palin just on her views.

She was a staunch Pat Buchanan supporter, which will have some repercussion and problems with Jews in Florida; believes in creationism; member of Feminists for Life, a group who does not believe in any abortion even if a woman has been assaulted by incest or rape. All of these views are lock step with the far right of the Republican Party.

That is why she was picked.

Lastly, we should be deeply concerned about this pick. Why? John McCain's health and age is put back on the table for conversation and topic because of this pick. Sarah Palin knows nothing about the situation in Iraq, has never been there or Afghanistan. Her foreign policy credentials are non-existent because she has none. Her executive experience is less than two years, being governor of Alaska, and before that was a mayor of a town with about 8000. Much more of this is examined, here.

The bottom line is this. McCain is 72 years old. Not in good health with 2-4 bouts of cancer, and take your pick on the number, but picks a totally unqualified individual to "possibly" be the next Commander-in-Chief if something happens to him?

Folks, this alone are dangerous territory. One thing, I, as a citizen of the United States of America do not want is an individual who is totally clueless of the realm of this country and the world, to possibly be the next Commander-in-Chief.

So while the GOP are running around trying to defend this pick, down play her lack of experience factor, they will attempt to throw up a glossy introduction of her to everyone next week, and make us feel at ease with Sarah Palin, Vice-President of the United States of America.

And from McCain aide:

He also stressed that he'd chosen Biden because "he can step in and become president," even as McCain aides suggest that Palin will learn at McCain's knee, as long as she isn't called to serve too soon.

If you have not awakened, yet, now is the time to get up and do everything in your power and measure to make sure this pick does not have the offices of Dick Cheney.


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