Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary puts Obama over the top, now the "Democratic Nominee"


It is official

Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee for the Democratic Party.

Classy, again, by Hillary Clinton to suspend the vote and in acclamation name Barack Obama the Democratic Nominee.

This is history before our eyes.

Many weeping. History folks, we are living through history.

Democrats made it official tonight in Denver, when party delegates formally nominated Barack Obama as their 2008 presidential candidate -- the first African American ever nominated by a major party.

The traditional state by state roll call went on until about 6:40 pm eastern, just after the network newscasts went on the air on the east coast.

The roll call included several delegates cast to Sen. Hillary Clinton, whose name was formally put into nomination, even though she did not win the primary battle. By previous agreement by the Obama and Clinton camps, the roll call was halted and Obama was nominated by acclamation.

Midway through the alphabetical roll call, New Mexico yielded the floor back to Illinois, which had passed its turn previously, so that the candidate's homestate could be the final state to cast its vote. Illinois, represented by Chicago Mayor Bill Daley, then yielded to the state of New York "home of Hillary Clinton."

And finally, the junior Senator of New York representing her state, moved to declare Obama the party nominee by acclamation. continue

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