Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Late Morning Break..Convention and The Clintons

obama in eau claire, wisconsin


Clinton Drama, or is it?

It is obvious that Bill Clinton is still whining.

One flashpoint is the assigned speech topic for former president Bill Clinton, who is scheduled to speak Wednesday night, when the convention theme is “Securing America’s Future.” The night’s speakers will argue that Obama would be a more effective commander in chief than his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

The former president is disappointed, associates said, because he is eager to speak about the economy and more broadly about Democratic ideas — emphasizing the contrast between the Bush years and his own record in the 1990s.

Maybe talking about the economy is the key for OBAMA to deliver and not the former president. That is my take on it. Bill Clinton has a bad habit of not staying on message and wrapping himself into the "all about me-ism". Maybe, the Obama Campaign want to by step that, and maybe the former president should honor the Obama Campaign "request" since this convention is being run by the Obama Campaign and DNC.

There also have been more crap dumped to the media about Hillary not being vetted, when in fact she told the Obama Campaign that she is not giving them any requested materials unless she is seriously the candidate.

Conflict, again from the Clinton Camp.

Now ABC is reporting there may not be a roll call vote.
"The Clinton people here, they've said they wanted catharsis, they wanted that roll call, but they may not get it," Stephanopoulos said, describing the decision as one being discussed at the highest levels of Clinton's camp. "They don't want to be blamed for any trouble at this convention."

Again, who knows? And Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania continues to be a gaffe machine. Suggesting that Hillary will run for president again. Why would he make this statement when we are trying to win RIGHT NOW with Barack Obama?

I don't know how strong the PUMAs or Anti-Obama factions are in Denver, or if there are any that will be on the floor of the convention, but I do know the media loves drama.

There is a reason that John McCain Campaign had the nerve to put an ad up this weekend criticizing Obama for NOT selecting Hillary Clinton, but of course, used Hillary's own words from the bitter primary. Not only that, the Wisconsin Clinton delegate that said she would vote for McCain and was booted, now she is in an ad with Clinton in the backdrop holding a McCain sign. No shit.

All I am stating is that the Clintons better give the speeches of their LIVES and have their suitcases PACKED to campaign across this country for Barack Obama. Me, personally, I don't think Hillary Clinton has done much to quell this PUMA stuff, and Bill has been whining so much he continues to praise McCain. That is not backing, solidly the Democratic Candidate.

So, Tuesday is critical for Hillary Clinton, all eyes but more importantly EARS will be listening and watching you.

p.s. Obama Campaign and DNC don't let these "Hillary " ads sit out there, unchallenged.


In the Spotlight: Candidates' Wives at Convention
Speaking to packed crowds is nothing new for Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. As the wives of the 2008 presidential candidates, both women have spent countless hours on the stump for their husbands.
A look back at past candidates' convention introductions by their wives.

More Photos

But with the Democratic convention set to start Monday, and the Republican convention following close behind, both women are about to face their biggest audiences yet.

Speaking at the convention is a challenge and a pressure Shelia Tate knows very well, from her time as White House press secretary to former first lady Nancy Reagan. She also coached former first lady Barbara Bush as she prepared for her own convention speech in 1988. continue

Remember, Michelle is the keynote tonight.


michelle arrives with the girls and her mom to denver, yesterday


don't know much


Ted Kennedy is in Denver
The senator’s arrival, reported by NBC news, added a note of surprise and an emotional high to what’s typically a carefully staged affair. Barack Obama's campaign is hoping for a surprise appearance in the convention hall by the ailing party elder who has sought to pass his family's torch to the young senator from Illinois with a January endorsement that electrified his campaign.


joe and jill biden at amtrak station in delaware, before leaving for denver



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