Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin, Intro Video of VP Pick for McCain

I lived in Minnesota for 5 years and I just can't help but be drawn back to "Fargo". If anyone saw this hilarious Coen Brothers movie, you will know what I am talking about. I literally had to do a double take and google to find out if she ever LIVED in Minnesota. As for the speech, "meh", not a national level intro, to say, but the McCain did its job to put the spotlight on their campaign. Next is the vetting of Palin and we know what that is about. Lastly, for Palin who was a mayor of a city of 6500 and then governor for less than two years, removes the experience meme. McCain is going for a "change ticket". Good luck with that one. When you look at a 72 year old man, who has been on the government dole for over 30 years, where is the change? Yes, Palin is a woman and a very inexperienced one on the national and international scene, so what is her role? To attempt to siphon Hillary voters, but the thing is Hillary supporters care about the ISSUES not ideology. Just because Palin wears a skirt like me, does not mean she is qualified for this position, which is a HEART BEAT AWAY from the presidency.

Yes, all this is something to think about.

Oh, for Obama's speech? Nielsen reports 38M watched Barack Obama's speech. Job Done.

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