Monday, August 18, 2008

Some Friends You Will Just Never Get

Some rich chick, called Lady de Rothschild unloaded on Obama in London.

Granted this woman claims that she is a Democrat but will vote for McCain.

I have problem with this analogy. Why? Well, I was not that crazy about John Kerry, could have cared less about him. I thought he was one of the most boring Democratic candidates in a very long time, but I voted for him. For me, you size up the differences in policy and any record that the candidates have and then make a decision.

This Hillary and only Hillary, does not help anyone in the long run.

At the Democratic national convention next week, Lynn Forester, Lady de Rothschild, one of Britain’s most influential political hostesses, will be contemplating treachery. She poured her heart and money into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and she is thinking of voting for John McCain, the Republican candidate, for president.

She is not impressed by Barack Obama and doubts he will reach the White House. “My loyalty is to the Democrats winning. Barack Obama is going to have a serious problem getting elected, for good reason,” she said in an interview.

See I would agree with Ms. Royalty, but the simple fact is that the polling does not agree with her analogy. If Obama needed Clinton, of course he would put her on the ticket, but he does not NEED HER.

Which always goes back to these 18 million voters and Clinton's 20+M debt. If all these voters, supporters were real and we assume they are, why not clear her debt up with a snap of a credit card, like $2.50 each? But all of a sudden they are no where to be seen.

Ms. Royalty is a sentiment of the few, minority. When in fact most women have moved on to Obama. And if Ms. Royalty was really a Clinton supporter, after hearing John McCain's views on women's issues at Saddleback Forum, why in the world would you vote for him? He does not represent anything that Hillary Clinton does.

Lastly, Ms. Royalty's whole premise is that of the "old school feel" of the Democratic Party.
The billionaire Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, 22 years her senior and former chairman of the family firm, NM Rothschild, will be with her in Denver when Obama is crowned the victor. She regards the presumptive Democratic nominee, 47, as something of a usurper.

See, the Clintons never had a personal beef with Obama, in fact they would have loved to vote for him, but it had to be AFTER Hillary was President. So, the anger and shock is real.
Leon Panetta, Bill Clinton’s former White House chief of staff, was tasked by the Obama campaign this summer with soothing ruffled feelings and helping Hillary loyalists to get over their sense of loss. It has been a demanding assignment.

“There is a sense of entitlement that almost seems to be inbred,” Panetta said. “They are convinced Hillary is the one who should be assuming the mantle and it’s tough to crack that.”

And for Ms. Royalty? Who cares about you? And why should we? You are part of the "entitlement" group and to be real, you do feel entitled. But in the end, that is not what the democratic process is about. There is bad blood between Clinton and Obama and we will see the kiss-kiss/make up in full view out of Denver, but what we don't need is the likes of you to keep shit going.

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