Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Ain't Playin' Around with "Mansion Lust McCain"

We have been hard on the Obama Campaign for being tepid in responses to McCain attacks, well that issue has been put to bed.

Obama has launched a 16 state attack on John McCain and his Lust for Mansions, well seven to be exact. It all started with McCain's memory problem in not knowing how many homes he and Cindy owned. Referred the reporter to his staff to get the answer. (rolleyes) is warranted here.

In fact, McCain is a proud owner of seven homes worth over 13 million dollars. A nice, rich, round number any millionaire would be proud of.

It was only right that the Obama Campaign release a devastating ad showing all the fine qualities of John McCain when it comes to "being in touch with the common man". Yes, we all surely understand seven homes, when many of us are barely able to keep up with one.

Now the Obama Campaign is taking this to the next level. This campaign is going to make sure the American public not only know about the McCain Mansions but understand that this man is so far removed from even the "common touch", how can he possibly understand the public's strife, hardships and this country's economic crunch.

Further, some state parties will hold contests in which Democrats seek out real voters who don't know how many houses they own.

And in other states, ordinary citizens who have been victim of the mortgage crunch will hold press availabilities to contrast their plight with McCain's wealth.

The aggressive move on Obama's part is in keeping with a shift in campaign tactics since his vacation. Obama and his campaign aides have both ramped up their rhetoric in recent days. This latest effort reflects a willingness to hit McCain much harder and to veer from conventional issue-based attacks to the sort of character assaults that have marked the GOP's campaign against Obama as well as their effort against John Kerry in 2004

This is all about showing the public that John McCain not only does not understand the economy, which he has said repeatedly is "OK" and "Fundamentally Strong" but that this man is a fraud and a phoney.

I cannot write enough how dangerous it will be to allow John McCain to become the next President of the United States.

Now, Obama Campaign, let's get a draft ad up, since McCain is amenable to having the draft on the table to WIN WARS.

America, it is wake up time. This election is not about being on the sleep mode. For real.

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