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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, August 10-16, 2008

obama with rick warren at saddleback church, california


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RNC/McCain Stalking Obama

Well, Barack Obama and family was on vacation to his home STATE OF HAWAII, but too much chagrin of the RNC and McCain stalking the Obamas.

Whaaaaaaaa? Stalking Obama? Yes, they are stalking Obama because they can't present their own vision, philosophy and future to the American public, so they stalk Obama because, well, what else can they do?

For example, when Barack and Michelle wanted to get a workout in, the RNC/McCain stalkers were up at the crack of dawn to report every rep, pull up, push up to no avail.
24-Hour Fitness Kaneohe (45-480 Kaneohe Bay Dr, Kaneohe, Hawaii): The Honolulu Star Bulletin reports that “While many people typically sleep in on Sunday morning, Obama and his wife, Michelle, went for a workout yesterday at 24-Hour Fitness in Kaneohe.”

Oh, but it gets better. When Barack and family was out getting shaved ice for their kids, the RNC/McCain stalkers was there to get the flavors down to the nitty-gritty, point. Yes, this is breaking news.
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports Obama stopped at Island Snow Hawaii yesterday and “asked for a cone with ‘guava orange, Lanikai lime and choo-choo cherry.’ ... A crowd of about 50 people gathered behind him, snapping pictures with digital cameras and cell phones and giving him a round of applause as he exited.”

When you read this, I know your eyes are rolling to the top of your head or maybe just shaking your head. You mean to tell me that reporting this is important to the American public? To know what kind of shaved ice flavor will have a massive decision to the public? OMG. What is next?

The point is that Obama was on vacation and McCain was irrelevant, again. The only time he can make any traction is when he is close to Obama or has his name even mentioned in the same sentence.

For the RNC/McCain to stalk the Obamas is kind of ghoulish. In fact, if McCain was on vacation with his family who would care where he goes to dinner, golfing, swimming, etc. I mean is that of vital interest to the national security of this country? But, what do you expect from a candidate who is running in the shadows and have nothing note worthy to say to the American people, but "I have voted with George W. Bush, over 90% of the time." That my friends would be some of the truest words McCain can ever deliver.

message to disabled vets in las vegas, nv


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here comes the sun

The Obama Tax Plan
Even as Barack Obama proposes fiscally responsible tax reform to strengthen our economy and restore the balance that has been lost in recent years, we hear the familiar protests and distortions from the guardians of the broken status quo.

Many of these very same critics made many of these same overheated predictions in previous elections. They said President Clinton's 1993 deficit-reduction plan would wreck the economy. Eight years and 23 million new jobs later, the economy proved them wrong. Now they are making the same claims about Sen. Obama's tax plan, which has even lower taxes than prevailed in the 1990s -- including lower taxes on middle-class families, lower taxes for capital gains, and lower taxes for dividends.

Overall, Sen. Obama's middle-class tax cuts are larger than his partial rollbacks for families earning over $250,000, making the proposal as a whole a net tax cut and reducing revenues to less than 18.2% of GDP -- the level of taxes that prevailed under President Reagan.

Both candidates for president have proposed tax plans. But they are starkly different in their approaches and their economic impact. Sen. Obama is focused on cutting taxes for middle-class families and small businesses, and investing in key areas like health, innovation and education. He would do this while cutting unnecessary spending, paying for his proposals and bringing down the budget deficit.

In contrast, John McCain offers what would essentially be a third Bush term, with his economic speeches outlining $3.4 trillion of tax cuts over 10 years beyond what President Bush has already proposed and geared even more to high-income earners. The McCain plan would lead to deficits the likes of which we have never seen in this country. It would take money from the middle class and from future generations so that the wealthy can live better today. continue

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icebergslim’s last word: clinton, corsi and saddleback

While the Obamas were on vacation, well shit still happened. Many still reeling in disbelief on the Edwards mess. It truly is not only a mess but a sad state of affairs, of a man, family and lies. As this story was still sucking oxygen, here come the Hillary Clinton Memos.

I guess I could or should be outraged, but overall, I am not. Everything that many wrote about the Clintons months before, during and after the primaries came to fruition. It was a badly mismanaged campaign, with an indecisive candidate, a hording former president, inconsistent messages and ultimately financially broken. Funny, the Clinton Campaign knew on Super Tuesday that they would be either behind Obama or closely tied, kicked themselves for lack of organizing in caucus states, and argued continuously on how to wrangle the nomination from Obama. That Hillary debt? Forget about any big or small donors trying to clean or clear that up from the Obama Camp. Nope, not when you find out the campaign knew that it was over on February 19, 2008 after Wisconsin, but continued to create debt on an “if only....” Lastly, this a very good example of what kind of candidate you should look for and the company that candidate embraces, for the next time. It should not be like Clinton.

Jerome Corsi. Who is listening to this old, shriveled, 9/11 conspiracy hack? This man has been debunked on every media outlet, with the exception of Fox News which is not a real news organization anyway. I mean, come on, what individual democrat or republican will embrace and call Corsi’s book “the final word on Obama”? Who? The man was thoroughly embarrassed on Larry King and it is highly suspicious and notable that the book jumped to #1 on the NYT Best Sellers List by a huge buying by right wing organizations. So, who is reading this book? Not anyone I know, but the Obama Campaign should not sit on its heels with this nonsense. The Obama Campaign released a 41 page debunk talking point against this book and stated it will book surrogates to go after Corsi every time he is on television or radio. They should. Lastly, a must read on Corsi, by maureen, a show-nuff knockdown if ever read.

And Saddleback. Well, I watched the forum and came away mixed. Obama had a conversation with Rick Warren and appeared personable and honest. McCain weaved his stump speech with touches of his POW time throughout his segment. Two very different individuals. McCain won the sound bite war, sorry he did. Obama need to adjust and control the narrative to get to the point he is making. Being nuanced is most politicians, since they don’t want to be definitive on anything, but when you come close to the election nuance does not work. If Barack was like he was last night on a debate night, it would have been a slam dunk for McCain, even though he is saying nothing. The public want to know what you are for and against, period. Luckily, most Americans did not see this forum and are not engaged, but to think Obama does not have work to complete, to seal the deal is a vast mistake. He has tons of work to do and need to get busy, now.

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Vacation Slide Show

Obama Family in Hawaii Pictures
Obama Hawaii Pictures, August 12, 2008
Obama Hawaii Pictures, August 14, 2008
Obama Hawaii Bodysurfing Pictures, August 14, 2008
Obama at USS Arizona Memorial Picutures, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


okay, the obamas are back home and the girls are probably getting ready for school, while barack and michelle is getting ready for the final push. the democratic convention should be fun and we should know this week who barack's vp is. hope you got the text messaging down, if not subscribe here, so you are one of the "first" in the know on that tip. barack looks rested and i hope he and we are ready for the final push after the convention. as always, keep hope alive and focus on obama and not the drama.....


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