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Obama Late Morning Break.....More Stuff...

obama in raleigh, nc


Have you signed up for THE TEXT MESSAGE, that everyone is waiting for?

The Obama VP announcement will be made to supporters via text message and email. No wonder you see the cable news desk clerks, chirping away. They are clueless and don't know who it will be. They are trying process of elimination via who is speaking at the convention.

At any rate, want to know who will be the VP? By either text or email? Sign up here.


This is why we don't need to be bothered with the Clintons

A brother of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and local Democrats who backed her unsuccessful presidential campaign socialized privately Monday with a top surrogate of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

The private gathering featured Carly Fiorina, Mr. McCain’s top economic adviser, and took place at the Dunmore home of political consultant Jamie Brazil, a longtime friend of Mrs. Clinton’s family who has signed on as paid national director of Mr. McCain’s Citizens for McCain Coalition.

The attendees included Tony Rodham, Mrs. Clinton’s youngest sibling, his wife, Megan, and their two children; attorney Kathleen Granahan Kane, who coordinated Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign in Northeast Pennsylvania during the primary election; and Virginia McGregor, sister of Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty.

With the Democratic National Convention less than a week away, the gathering raises questions about the support Illinois Sen. Barack Obama can expect from former local supporters of Mrs. Clinton, who dominated at the polls in the Northeast in the April primary election. Mrs. Clinton won 74 percent of Lackawanna County Democrats to Mr. Obama’s 26 percent. continue

This stuff about kiss-kiss, make-up is all a smoke screen.

The Clintons are pissed, angry and in retaliatory angst over not winning this nomination. Sure the Obama Camp can say, "We are all together", but we all know they are not. You don't have stuff like this leak, unless you WANTED IT OUT.

That is the Clinton way and why she and her boatload of drama should not be on the ticket, period. And if you think they want Obama to win in November, think again, it is all about 2012, for them.


Negative Ads, Working

Time to take off the blinders and see it for what it is.

I hate the horserace, don't like polling, but the polling has not been on our side lately.

I wrote about this last night, read it here. We have a lot of work to do.
The new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll is out, and it finds that McCain's barrage of "celeb" ads and smears on Obama's alleged lack of patriotism has worked to produce a dead-heat.

As much as we laughed or did roll-eyes to the "celebrity ads", Obama took a character hit, along with Republicans coming home to McCain, which has now made this race tight.
Obama is leading McCain 45%-43%, within the poll's margin of error. In June, an LA Times poll found Obama up by 12, though other polls found a tighter race.

The poll also finds a noticeable erosion in Obama's favorability ratings:

Obama's favorable rating has sunk to 48% from 59% since the last Times/Bloomberg poll in June. At the same time, his negative rating has risen to 35% from 27%.

This is all about negative advertising. I expect hand wringing in the Obama Camp, they must be, because you can not continue on this course.

I expect, after the Olympics and prior, during and after the convention all assault on John McCain. We don't have to attack character, his record will do nicely. And it is a record lock step with George W. Bush.

I also expect all Democratic hands on deck to go after the GOP and McCain. I expect effective surrogates on television, radio, townhall meetings across this country, etc.

I expect a lot, because if we are going to win, we all must do our part. This includes volunteering, donating to the campaign, phone banking, whatever it takes to win in November. We must do it.


Obama goes on the attack
Senator Barack Obama has started a sustained and hard-hitting advertising campaign against Senator John McCain in states that will be vital this fall, painting Mr. McCain in a series of commercials as disconnected from the economic struggles of the middle class.

Mr. Obama has begun the drive with little fanfare, often eschewing the modern campaign technique of unveiling new spots for the news media before they run in an effort to win added (free) attention. Mr. Obama, whose candidacy has been built in part on a promise to transcend traditional politics, is running the negative commercials on local stations even as he runs generally positive spots nationally, during prime-time coverage of the Olympics.

The negative spots reflect the sharper tone Mr. Obama has struck in recent days on the stump as he heads into his party’s nominating convention in Denver next week, and seem to address the anxiety among some Democrats that Mr. Obama has not answered a volley of attacks by Mr. McCain with enough force.

“If you can go quietly negative, that’s what he’s done; I think the perception is that he’s still running the positive campaign,” said Evan Tracey, president of the Campaign Media Analysis Group of TNS Media Intelligence, which monitors political advertising. “It’s a pretty smart, high-low, good cop/bad cop strategy.” continue



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