Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Late Morning Break....McMansion and VP????

obama in virginia


John McCain running on negative

For John McCain to get upset over his OWN GAFFE and try to pawn this off on Obama attacking Cindy McCain is another example of how negative he is willing and WANT to go.

McCain's gaffe over not knowing how many homes, mansions he owns is this, seven properties with nine homes on them. Some of the properties include guest homes. The McCain Campaign does not want the public lingering over his wife's wealth, which is his wealth, too, since he is married to her. Nor does he want the public wondering if John McCain really understands not only their economic strife, but the economy as a whole when you are running around in AMPLE homes.

See the public, GETS THIS. The public understands, THIS. This is why McCain will be going nuclear on Obama, sooner than later.

What folks around the country are seeing:

and Keith's take:


More VP Stuff: Obama: Running Mate a 'Partner' on the Economy

Barack Obama, whose oratory and opposition to the war in Iraq helped propel him to the Democratic presidential nomination, said Thursday he's preparing for an election that he believes will turn on the economy.

In an interview here with USA TODAY, Obama spoke about his multiracial background, the meteoric journey that will take him to Denver to accept his party's presidential nomination next Thursday night and the potential obstacles that follow. The interview took place during a three-day campaign swing that took him through traditionally Republican communities of the rural south.

While Obama said he had settled on a running mate, he would not offer a name or even say whether he had yet informed his choice. Voters' economic anxieties played a role in his decision. Obama said he sought someone who "will be a partner with me in strengthening this economy for the middle class and working families." In addition to being a partner, his running mate will be a sparring partner, he said. "I want somebody who's independent, somebody who can push against my preconceived notions and challenge me," he said. continue


More Keith On Robert Klein says, "an old geezer moment"....


The best take down of John McCain

Not only factually correct, but a good read. The best run down of talking points that I have read on McCain in a while.

h/t Kathy G @ The G Spot.


VP Pick, Obama's knows, but when will WE????


And do you have your cell phone or email ready for the VP Pick?

If you don't, click here.

Sign up, Obama Campaign will notify supporters, first not the media. Which is why the media is stalking all possible VP Picks, because they won't know FIRST.

Remember this, the people that KNOW aren't talking and the people that are talking DON'T KNOW (the media), so be the first to KNOW.



Karl Rove SPIN, "This is an attack on Cindy McCain".....again, WTF??????????????

Obama Campaign and the Campaign for Change to Hold 50-State Working for Change Weekend.......

Rumor that Mittens will be McCain's VP Pick.....................

Negative Ad from McCain, another "celebrity" ad on taxes................

A Rare 1995 Obama interview on his book "Dreams from my Father"....worth a view........

Fox News Refuses To Run Radical Anti-Obama Ad....I AM SHOCKED.......

Evening Wrap Up, here.....................

as soon as I know, you know or we know the VP Pick, I will post it here

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