Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin is equivalent to two words, "A LIAR" (Video)

Truly, this woman lies like the running water out of your tap and just don't give a damn. When you write a book, folks do VETT IT, along with what you said, like, last year as a VP candidate, and it is on tape? Lord, she is one woman destroying machine and that is destroying herself. And why bring Tina Fey back in here? After she actually destroyed you on Saturday Night Live, by using the EXACT words that Sarah Palin said in the interview with Katie Couric!!! GOP, Republicans if this is who you want in 2012, GOOD LUCK!!!

....and Keith says, "...a stupid, uninformed cliff notes version gratuitous liar and that is what Sarah Palin is...."....OUCH!!!

And McCain Staffer, Nicole Wallace says, "Palin's book is based on fabrications..."

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