Monday, November 16, 2009

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't


Well, President Obama has been expedient in delivering information to the American Public, via, press conferences. And let us not forget he has had 2 Joint Session of Congress speeches. So, Fox News, who continues to prove the point of the White House as being as bogus a news organization as it comes, decides to pull the plug on President Obama's press conferences. Remember, the news organizations TODAY are not what they were back in Walter Cronkite's era, meaning the news is nothing but continued SPIN, meaning the news organizations lack depth of much information that they talk about. So, enter the whining of "he has not has any press conferences in four months." But, it was these very entities that whined that President Obama was asking for too much time on television.

Could it be that a lot of these television networks, just may not be making much as in money and don't have as many, as in eyeballs on their television line ups?

But Obama in 2009 is deeply relevant, and for a long time was burning up the wires to the press corps and regular folks. Then suddenly, the line went dead.

Obama is still, in his overall stats, ahead of President George W. Bush , who viewed the press as a kind of a species of cactus. But in a White House that regularly touts itself as a beacon of “openness” — and in some ways it has been — Obama in recent months has demonstrated that when he thinks he needs a little opaqueness, he can make it happen.

The president’s last full-dress U.S. press conference was nearly four months ago, a prime-time appearance in the East Room on July 22.

I continue to question the media, the same element that did not prepare, nor did their job in providing accurate information about the Iraq War. This same element that just re-read talking points of the Bush Administration and claimed it fact. For me, they have no credibility at all and should always be viewed with high skepticism, especially the 24/7 cable desk clerks.


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