Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is not making United Health Care shake in their boots....(Video)

Again, Wyden stated, "...United Health Care has 70M subscribers, now how in the world are you going to hold the United Health people accountable with 6M subscribers, United Health is not going to exactly be quakin' in there boots...."

He is right. The public option needs to be opened to EVERYONE to compete with the insurance companies. Again, this is why the insurance companies do not what the public option for fear that opening it to everyone, will FORCE them to CHANGE.

This is real reform, not the shaky stuff that is coming out of congress. Why even have a public option if it is only for 6M people? Does that make any sense to anyone? Because for me, 6M subscribers for the public option is a joke. That is not even a challenge to the insurance companies, but a laugh and business as usual for a very corrupt industry.

Lastly, everyone should be concerned at the date. Today is November 18, 2009. The longer this drags out, the harder it will be for any real reform in the final senate bill. These congress critters are not going to embrace any progressive platform once January 1, 2010 hits. Why? Because too much money is being paid for NO votes in congress, that is the truth. And because the Obama White House has a much larger task on their plate, the continued rising unemployment numbers in this country and the perceived perception that he is not doing enough. This White House needs to focus on unemployment and job creation in this country, this issue is how you lose in 2010. And health care? It has been dragged out too long, yes there will be a bill but don't expect any huge amount of change but a slap on the hand to these corrupt insurance companies, especially if the public option is designed for only 6M people.

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