Thursday, October 29, 2009

The public option needs to be for EVERYONE, btw, I hate Blue Cross Blue Shield.

icebergslim here to report how Blue Cross Blue Shield is jacking our rates up for 2010!!! Our family is very upset about this, extremely.

It is open enrollment for millions around this time, and this means the increase for premiums and the decrease of coverage. Yep, decreasing coverage is just what Blue Cross Blue Shield is doing to us.

We have BCBS PPO and we are worried about what we are reading.

First off, I had to have abdominal and intestinal surgery this year and just getting back to work. The out of pocket costs have been close to 10,000, but we are disputing some things on the bill and hopefully can cut this down.

Since we have BCBS PPO in Illinois, we pay 20% deductible, we get a little break if our doctor, provider is in the PPO network, but not much. So, now we have looked over the new plan and this is how we are getting jacked: BCBS PPO for hospitalization has the insured (ME) paying 30% of hospitalization costs with a $275.00 per admission fee, prior it was 20% and no fee; we now are paying 30% for out patient surgery, prior it was 15%; we now pay 30% for diagnostic tests , prior it was 15%; the out of pocket expense rose $1,000 for our policy; chiropractic services was reduced to 1,500.00 it was 3,000.00 previously and our cap for our policy reduced to 2 million dollars, prior it was 5 million dollars. Our family fears that if we change health insurance providers, with my history, I will become a pre-existing condition. WE ARE AFRAID.

This is fucking outrageous. This is health insurance with a company of over 500 employees and this is what we have to deal with.

I fear that what will and is happening is this, the industry knows that there will be a public option, they already said they will raise premiums and cut services, for any loss the insurance companies endure they will throw the burden on us, the customer, the customer with a job, the customer who works for a large company, just screw us their customer.

And this will happen across the board.

We need not only a public option, but one that is real competition and open to EVERYONE. No one can afford to get sick any longer in this country and God help us all if it is a disease or illness that we must fight for our lives, because these insurance companies will not be here for any of us.

Democrats and President Obama, we need real health insurance reform along with real health care reform, not the tepid steps we are witnessing. How can you really expect the average person to try to do the right thing, save their money, be a good citizen, and contribute to this society if we are always worried about getting sick? What is the point in saving for ANYTHING if we must focus on saving our money if we get sick because the insurance companies CONTINUE to cut away our right to have doctor/hospital services? The insurance companies are cutting so much that going to the doctor or hospital will be for the rich and the privileged, not for the working family whose rights are rapidly being stricken away. We are being forced to choose between our health with this junk insurance, the hope of not getting sick or GOD FORBID, going to the hospital.


The public option needs to be for every citizen in this county because in 2011, 10% more will be added for me to pay, that is 40% and I can not afford that.

What the hell are we, the Democrats afraid of? We are becoming a country that don't give a FUCK. That is just not right.

I am so over this; I just don’t know what to do.

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