Friday, October 30, 2009

Liz Cheney states President Obama honored fallen soilders for publicity

Yes, Dick's daughter has the nerve to state this. Funny, you don't hear a critical PEEP on Capitol Hill by the Republicans and you won't.

The Bush Administration darkened what the public could see, that is the return of the dead. Neither President Bush or Vice-President Cheney ever went to Dover to greet the return of our fallen soilders as Barack Obama, if they did it surely was not recorded.

Lastly, President Obama not only participated in the ceremony but talked to the families of the fallen soilders well into the morning. That is more than what George W. Bush or Dick Cheney has ever done and Lizzy got the nerve to criticize?

PUHLEAZE with that noise.

Liz Cheney called out President Obama for his early-morning trip to honor fallen soldiers arriving at Dover Air Force Base yesterday, suggesting President Bush honored America's heroes with a bit more class than his successor.

Cheney, on Fox News Radio's John Gibson Show yesterday:

"I think that what President Bush used to do is do it without the cameras. And I don't understand sort of showing up with the White House Press Pool with photographers and asking family members if you can take pictures. That's really hard for me to get my head around...It was a surprising way for the president to choose to do this."

Sometimes it is nice to know that your President actually cares and you know it by seeing it. To criticize our Commander-in-Chief is outrageous and over the line, but what more should we expect from Lizzie Cheney.


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