Friday, October 30, 2009

Blanche Lincoln, you can be stupid if you want to

Senator Blanche Lincoln, another person in the senate who is bought and sold by the insurance lobbyists has just been told reality by her STATE OF ARKANSAS.

In other words, she can vote against the public option if she dares, it will be political suicide for her.

Voters in Arkansas Support a Public Option

56% of all voters favor a public option, while 37% oppose it. Among Democrats, an overwhelming 83% favor a public option, while 12% oppose it. 57% of Independents favor a public option.

73% of all voters think that private health insurance companies care more about profit than about the health of the patients that they cover. Among Democrats and Independents, that number skyrockets to 86% and 72% respectively.

2010 Political Vulnerability Linked to Voting Against Health Care Bill

43% of Democrats are less likely to vote for Blanche Lincoln in 2010 if she votes against the public option--and 49% of Democrats and 35% of Independents are less likely to vote for her if she helps filibuster a bill.

If the 2010 election were held today, Blanche Lincoln receives 41% of the vote and Republican Gilbert Baker receives 39% of the vote--with 20% of voters undecided. Blanche Lincoln has suffered a net drop of 5% support since last month’s Research 2000 poll.

46% of Democrats are less likely to vote for her in the 2010 primary if she votes against the public option, and 48% are less likely to vote for her in the 2010 primary if she helps filibuster a bill.

Among Democrats, 43% think Blanche Lincoln should be the Democratic nominee again in 2010. 57% are not sure, or think it should be someone new.

Blanche Lincoln Seen as Out-Of-Touch With Arkansas Voters.

Overall, 47% say she is out-of-touch with Arkansas voters. 51% of overall voters think she is ineffective, 35% effective. 36% of Democrats and 50% of Independents think she is ineffective.

Out of touch. That is the sentiment with MOST of those gas bags in the senate, OUT OF TOUCH.

The sentiment out here is ANGER. I hope these Democrats and President Obama understand this. People feel they have been taken advantage of and that free rides are always for the rich. People also feel that their voices and desires are not being heard, taken seriously because we continue to see the ones with power and money buy up the political system.

We want a public option and we want one to expand, eventually, to ALL AMERICANS. Now the Democrats can play around with this if they want to, if they do, that alone will be enough to anger voters at the ballot box.

Do the right thing, Democrats.

Poll and more information, here.

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